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  1. Noah was a tremendous WR at UND and we were lucky to have him. Same goes for Travis. Our WR group has been one of our strengths the last few years. Noah was one of the best we've ever had and the numbers prove it. The hit where Noah got hurt happened in front of me in the Alerus and the best word to describe it is jarring. He was turning up field and didn't have time to adjust to the tackler. The collision stopped both players cold. I'm very surprised he was able to play this weekend. He is a warrior.
  2. Fully agree. Lots of reasons. Playing closer to home, girlfriend, size of town, school size.........
  3. I think this is a mis-characterization of what he was saying. You really think that since we got to 7 wins so they were satisfied? That might be what the sound bite was but if you talked with him or anyone on the staff and they had a chance to elaborate they would tell you something like: We knew the minimum needed to make the playoffs was 7 wins so that was the bottom line goal and then we'll get after it in the playoffs from there.
  4. I have a former teammate at UND that played a little in the CFL and is pretty plugged in with training methods. He brought up the lack of position specific training with Baukol a few years ago at an alumni event. Baukol told him that there was no need for that and that basic training was good for all players.
  5. My thoughts on the team and coaches align with this. We need to find a way to get more high end players in the program. When you factor in that many of our players had limited or no other DI offers and how small we are in the OL and DL - our coaches must do a pretty good job with those players to get us into the playoffs. What we need to do is find a way to get more of the difference makers in the door. We have a number of them but not enough.
  6. Was it ever stated why he lost captaincy?
  7. I think we need to find a way to get kids who are bigger when they come in as freshmen and build them up from there.
  8. Disappointed in the game today. It never felt like we were in it even when the score was close. We need to figure out how to get bigger and stronger in the OL and DL.
  9. I didn't notice seeing as much of Boltmann as usual last week. Was he limited or did I just miss him? He did have a big catch and run for a first down in the 4th quarter.
  10. Thanks for that info. It makes sense that playoff games would be excluded.
  11. And then stick that locker room tent up their arses on the way out of town.
  12. I agree the math doesn't seem to add up. What I don't know is how much student tickets affect the $$, what the expenses are to rent the Alerus and if REA would get their customary 52%. 52% off the top would really put a crimp on the dollars available.
  13. Just don't insult me by calling me apathetic. My goddamn Apple Watch went off 6 times during the UNC game to warn me that my heart rate had spiked and I was stationary.
  14. Again - what was the right number? Pick one. Here are my bonifides regarding UND football and UND as an institution. If this is apathy let me please let me know how I change that. Attending UND games for 50+ years UND grad and football letter winner 4 season tickets - I believe you said you were going to cancel yours this year 4 season tailgate spots drive 10+ hours round trip for every fb home game fly to 1 fb road game a year watch every fb road game I don't attend if its available, I listen if I can't get it Champions club member
  15. Did he have any limitations from the school? Did he tap what he could from donors and did he have any more room? he also didn't know we would be paired with Nichols
  16. I'm guessing he had some limitations on what we could bid. The good news is that you can fix this next time by yourself. Step up. Write to Chaves and tell him you want to help out next time and give him a number I ask you again - what is the number you think we should have bid? $100k - would that have been enough? Maybe $200k. Again hindsight is a wonderful tool if all you want to do is bitch.
  17. It is turf. Before the 2017 campaign, Manning Field received a makeover with the installation of a brand new GeoGreen™ artificial turf by Geo-Surfaces of Baton Rouge.
  18. What is the number we should have bid to insure we were at home? $150k? $500k? $1B? - per dr evil
  19. The point is you could have fixed it if you were willing to step up big rather than just bitching after the fact. What $$ number would have been considered adequate in your mind? $100k, $200k? $300k? there’s still no guarantee that we’d win the bid. Someone could still go higher.
  20. If we knew what the nut was and refused to meet it I would agree with you.
  21. So if you lose you weren’t competitive? that’s a novel concept. And no we weren’t competitive at ISU. You could have fixed it with a measly $10k. Next time you should step up and contact the athletic dept to offer it up. You could fix it yourself
  22. 20/20 hindsight is a wonderful thing. We didn't skimp on our bid. It was a blind bidding process and we put out a competitive bid but got beat. If it was a live auction we probably would have gone higher. How much did you contribute to the bid? Maybe next time you can offer up $10k or so to push it higher but there'd still be no guarantees. I wasn't asked for a donation but I don't run in those circles.
  23. I remember Livingston claimed they didn't expect to get in and had already turned in their equipment. They insinuated that it was a big struggle to get the team back together to play.
  24. I was at that game as a 14 year old. I remember the disappointment and the drunk guy that had to be carried onto the bus going back to the KC's.
  25. SRS rankings at this link. The date says 2018 but it is quite different from the one from 2018 last year that had us at 38. This shows us at 23 just ahead of Furman and Nichols St. Eastern Washington at 15?
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