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  1. I think Kenny left before Bubba was hired so Rudy wouldn't have even been in play.
  2. he is a special talent that was easy to spot - even in the spring game after his freshman year. I still think he would have been OK.
  3. my crystal ball says yes. NFL will find talent - see Adam Thielen's story.
  4. Berhns had lower level assistants because nobody could stand working for him. I was there 4 years during his time. He was the only one left from time I started to when I was done. All assistants, trainers, etc were gone. Some turned over twice.
  5. HPC Phase I is certainly a plus. If you look at locker rooms, coaches offices, player lounges, weight rooms, strength and conditioning areas.............we really fall short. a quick google search will tell you all you need to know about their facilities
  6. SU certainly has a lot of advantages over us right now when it comes to getting the kids they want. Facilities, coaching salaries, national success ......... Bubba and the guys are working on it.
  7. I'm hearing the same thing on Steve. He wasn't looking but this opportunity was offered to him. His foundation position sounds like a fun job but I would guess the time away from family over the years would get difficult.
  8. Looks like Mussman's kid was at SCSU in 2017 as a freshman. 6'4" 365 lbs. Don't see him on the 2019 roster. Did he give up the game?
  9. Sorry I was still talking about the game from my younger years. I found the game I was looking for. It was 1982 against Virginia Union. I was wrong in that they didn't win the NC that year. Here is the write up from NDSU football guide. looks like SU was down 6 with a couple minutes left when the inadvertent whistle occurred. 1982 NCAA Quarterfinal FARGO, ND--North Dakota State hosted an NCAA playoff game for the first time since 1977 and the Bison were rewarded with a scary 21-20 opening-round victory over Virginia Union. The Bison scored two fourth-quarter TDs including a 1-y
  10. Might have a flawed memory but will look for it. did they win any by 5? I remember 7 points the other way would have sealed it.
  11. I remember a playoff game in the 80's or 90's in Fargo where SU was down 4 points or so with a few minutes left. SU qb got hit as his arm was moving forward. D Lineman picked ball off in mid air just as ref blew whistle. D Lineman was rumbling for a TD when a ref blew whistle. Ref was calling incomplete pass because arm was moving fwd. Inadvertent whistle and dead ball. Jumped the gun just before the player picked it off. SU went down and scored. On the NC that year
  12. I missed the game. Can someone describe the play and call?
  13. A young woman I coached in basketball went to Wisconsin. She was actively recruited for rowing once she got to campus because she had the right body type for it. I didn't realize they had so many on the team. I believe she was offered some scholarship money
  14. Prices were dirt cheap in Vegas the day of the game.
  15. Got in and got tickets but it was a mad house. Tickets said available but gone when chose them, tickets secured but then went away somehow. Twice it said I had the tickets but glitched during the payment process and kicked me to a waiting screen and had to start over when it came back. Missed on lower bowl. Went away too fast. Ended up in 204. I will second that it was very stressful.
  16. That's just how he is - that is correct. He's always putting on a show and I do find it annoying. Just my opinion
  17. Johnson was standing up by the time PJ got there. There was no reason for him to run on the field. He got excited because of the late hit and was putting on a show like he always does.
  18. PJ might be in the Big 10 title game if he doesn't run on the field and get a 15 yard penalty when Johnson get's knocked down near the goal line. I would like to see what might have happened if Iowa had to start from their own 7 rather than the 22.
  19. I would like to say again - our WRs as a group was a strength for us this year. We were lucky to have Wanzek, Toivonen and Maag and they were/are tremendous players. We had our season tickets next to some of the Wanzek family over the past 4 years and they are exactly the kind of people we want associated with our program. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncle, siblings (I believe) and cousins were at all of the home games and many of the away games. We are lucky to have them connected to the program also.
  20. What position is he expected to play in college?
  21. I didn't think he was very good against us. Missed a lot of throws. Here is his stat line against UND. SUU - Passing Player Cmp Att. Yds. TD INT Long Sack HELBIG, Chris 24 42 258 1 1 28 4
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