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  1. I watched the Vegas game on TV but don't remember how. I live in Iowa and obviously do not get Midco. Anyone remember if it was on NCHC.TV?
  2. What twitter account was this posted under?
  3. He said it one of the TV guys. Not sure who.
  4. What did I miss? Why all the talk on here this weekend about the players and social media? I've looked but haven't seen anything.
  5. I like at the 3:40 mark it starts smoking and he says "we're fine".
  6. Nice gut check in the 2nd. Hard fought comeback. Fun to watch!
  7. This is a fun team to follow. 3rd set was a little scary but got it done. Tired legs?
  8. Interested to hear how WIH went from untouchable to being cut.
  9. I think someone forgot to turn it on for the UND game. I can get all the other games to come on but not UND.
  10. That sounds like they need us. I thought they said we need them?
  11. Iowa will never have hockey because of this guy... http://www.hawkeyesports.com/genrel/gene_taylor_918017.html
  12. Is this what you want? http://issuu.com/undathletics/docs/2015-16_mhky_mg_lowres/192?e=1294848/30446882
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