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  1. I contacted them to find out when mine will auto renew and was told in Nov. I then asked if I could move my renew date to now so I could take advantage of the early bird special and he said that they can't apply the special to existing subscriptions. I would need to cancel my subscription and then sign up again to get the special. I took that to mean that even if your auto renew is during the special it would not apply because it is an existing subscription.
  2. Continuing with that thought, some could argue that once Michgan dropped out then AIC should have played Duluth and Nodak got the bye.
  3. I'm hoping for a Duhloot / Mankato final with another shutout for McKay. Doesn't keep the title in the NCHC but does keep it in the West.
  4. Radio color guy mentioned the fight also. Any video? I always like watching two idiots go at it.
  5. yes, but they have a good football team so there's that.
  6. I thought hennesy said Senden already had surgery on his arm. Seems kind of quick being he only hurt it the night before but what do I know. Anyone else hear that or did I dream it?
  7. With SCSU losing and Nodak winless in its last 2 both teams should be hungry.
  8. Soft goals and untimely penalties need to get cleaned up. Nodak usually does. What I am really getting tired of is hearing "he shot it wide" over and over. Make the goalie make a save!
  9. Need to update the app and it will update/revert to the previous version.
  10. Saw the article. Berry was quoted in it and it sounded to me like this was a one time deal. Hope it was.
  11. Working with no issues on both of my roku's. I feel blessed!
  12. Nodaker

    The Herald

    Maybe they will someday offer a sports only subscription for people like me. I live in Iowa and the local news is of no interest to me. The national news and opinion stuff I can get anywhere.
  13. I'm excited for it! Hopefully the pandemic doesn't have a bounce and we get to have next season.
  14. I watched the Vegas game on TV but don't remember how. I live in Iowa and obviously do not get Midco. Anyone remember if it was on NCHC.TV?
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