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  1. What twitter account was this posted under?
  2. He said it one of the TV guys. Not sure who.
  3. What did I miss? Why all the talk on here this weekend about the players and social media? I've looked but haven't seen anything.
  4. I like at the 3:40 mark it starts smoking and he says "we're fine".
  5. Nice gut check in the 2nd. Hard fought comeback. Fun to watch!
  6. This is a fun team to follow. 3rd set was a little scary but got it done. Tired legs?
  7. Interested to hear how WIH went from untouchable to being cut.
  8. I think someone forgot to turn it on for the UND game. I can get all the other games to come on but not UND.
  9. That sounds like they need us. I thought they said we need them?
  10. Iowa will never have hockey because of this guy... http://www.hawkeyesports.com/genrel/gene_taylor_918017.html
  11. Is this what you want? http://issuu.com/undathletics/docs/2015-16_mhky_mg_lowres/192?e=1294848/30446882
  12. If the NC$$ made St Clown change their nickname this woman oppressing cheer would go by the wayside.
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