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  1. With SCSU losing and Nodak winless in its last 2 both teams should be hungry.
  2. Soft goals and untimely penalties need to get cleaned up. Nodak usually does. What I am really getting tired of is hearing "he shot it wide" over and over. Make the goalie make a save!
  3. Need to update the app and it will update/revert to the previous version.
  4. Saw the article. Berry was quoted in it and it sounded to me like this was a one time deal. Hope it was.
  5. Working with no issues on both of my roku's. I feel blessed!
  6. Nodaker

    The Herald

    Maybe they will someday offer a sports only subscription for people like me. I live in Iowa and the local news is of no interest to me. The national news and opinion stuff I can get anywhere.
  7. I'm excited for it! Hopefully the pandemic doesn't have a bounce and we get to have next season.
  8. I watched the Vegas game on TV but don't remember how. I live in Iowa and obviously do not get Midco. Anyone remember if it was on NCHC.TV?
  9. What twitter account was this posted under?
  10. He said it one of the TV guys. Not sure who.
  11. What did I miss? Why all the talk on here this weekend about the players and social media? I've looked but haven't seen anything.
  12. I like at the 3:40 mark it starts smoking and he says "we're fine".
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