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  1. Thanks for posting this video. A shame the rink had to be torn down. It held a lot of memories for fans who were lucky enough to attend games there.
  2. Vegas is nice, but I would like to see another destination.
  3. If you watch the Gopher games, even against the better teams there are a lot of fans disguised as empty seats in that arena.
  4. Hello, my name is Wayne. I might be interested in some of your tickets should you have any left. Please PM me with a phone number so I can call you if you are ok with that. Thanks
  5. I am looking for two tickets to the Frozen four for myself and wife. If anyone out there knows of any please let me know. Thanks
  6. Hi Brice, where are they located please?
  7. Yes I must agree. People should take advantage of this offer.
  8. 70'sguy

    Frozen Four

    I am looking for a solo ticket. What are people asking for it?
  9. Could you please contact me at 204-654-0183 or send me a private message with your phone number so I can contact you about your tickets. Thank you.
  10. Need 8 tickets for Saturday versus ST Cloud. If you can help out please give me a call at 204-228-5316. Text or message me as well. If you have 4 and 4 that will work to. Thanks
  11. I am looking for 8 tickets for the March 3 Sat game against ST Cloud. If you can help me please message, text, or call me at 204-228-5316. Some of my friends have never been to a UND game so I am trying to help them out. Thanks
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