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  1. Yes, the area is called The Park. It is a dining and entertainment district on the Las Vegas Strip that lines the walkway to the TMobile Arena. It is very festive and is a good place to go before the Golden Knights game. https://www.mgmresorts.com/en/things-to-do/the-park-las-vegas.html
  2. For those from the 70-80s era or those that appreciate vintage video games, try the pinball hall of fame. You can play all games for a quarter or fifty cents. Its actually pretty cool and not far from the strip on Tropicana: http://www.pinballmuseum.org/
  3. It is great to read about everyone's plans. I was born and raised in Nodak, but live in Las Vegas for the past 24 years. Never thought I would be able to attend a University of North Dakota hockey game in Vegas! Very excited for the game and surrounding events. My brother, his wife and two kids are flying from Bismarck to Phoenix where they will drive up to Vegas to stay with us. They booked on Allegiant late so had to fly into Phoenix due to price and availability. Not a bad drive. My wife and I, 2 of our 3 kids (3rd kid will be in LA playing hockey and has to miss) and my brothers crew will all attend the Golden Knights vs Lightning game on Friday. 3pm start since it is a state holiday here - "Nevada Day". Pregame at the "Park" - a group of restaurants/bars outside the Tmobile Arena where Golden Knights play (and where UND should have booked their game!). Very festive atmosphere at the Park and should be fun since many locals have the day off. We will all tailgate on Saturday at the UND pregame in the Orleans parking lot and then hit the game with the rest of the faithful to watch a North Dakota victory (although Goofers look pretty tough this year). I concur with AlphaMikeFoxtrot, gummies are they way to go, if you are of age and inclined to use. You can purchase and possess the herb, but public use is still illegal. There are no public places to use and todays products produce a strong odor (as you will probably smell in any Walmart parking lot here). Personally, I don't partake, but I know a good criminal defense attorney if you find yourself involuntarily visiting one of local detention facilities (hopefully not!). Welcome to Vegas Sioux hockey fans!
  4. Don't feel bad SiouxVolley, I live in Las Vegas, play at that rink and was ready to give an answer to MafiaMan. Double Dense.
  5. UND and Goofer Fans: There will be a viewing party of for the UND vs UofM game in LV. See below. Also announced on facebook. Might be worth the trip to LV even without ticket in hand? Here is info on tailgate party: https://undalumni.org/HOFPregame Hi Robert, Yes, the game will be broadcast out in the tailgate area of the arena on large screens for those without tickets. (From Brooke Conlin UND Alumni Assoc) ______________ To: webmaster <webmaster@undalumni.net> Subject: Hall of Fame Hockey Game in Las Vegas Tailgate Party Do you know if the UND vs MN hockey game will be broadcast on the televisions at the tailgate party? Thank you, Robert
  6. Ha! Good idea. I bet they could fill it for just a broadcast party.
  7. Anyone know if MIDCO or UND will do any viewing parties in Las Vegas for those that travel or live in LV but are unable to secure tickets?
  8. Looks like someone besides UND is bringing destination college hockey games to the TMobile Arena in Las Vegas: https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/golden-knights-nhl/t-mobile-arena-to-host-college-hockey-tournament-in-january/
  9. Couple of good articles on North Dakota and Arizona basketball connections: From the Tucson newspaper, Arizona Daily Star: http://tucson.com/sports/greghansen/greg-hansen-ncaa-tourney-memories-lead-me-back-to-lute/article_bebdf059-1224-5c7b-8d47-0fc8bb7dfece.html From the Grand Forks Herald: http://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/4234517-legendary-coach-lute-olson-und-arizona-thats-going-back-time-me
  10. http://www.grandforksherald.com/opinion/letters/4217609-letter-unds-vegas-venue-shuts-out-disappointed-fans
  11. No kidding. I live in LV. I called the box office in the morning and was told there were no ticks for sale at the arena, only online. Bad info. Good for you guys that you got some.
  12. Granted hindsight is 20/20, but we midwesterners love Vegas. (See Cratters post above.)
  13. Las Vegas is much more accessible for UND (and Gopher) fans that primarily live in the midwest and west than is NYC, especially with airlines like Allegiant, Frontier and Southwest. Add in the hotel deals that many of these airlines have and, Yes, I think it was forseeable that this game would have a much higher demand than MSG. The TMobile Arena would have sold out.
  14. Maybe for you guys that post 5,000+ to this message board . . .
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