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  1. John W.

    Non-UND College Hockey 2019-20

    According to the Fargo Herald...a 16 year old from Arizona committed to the Gophers....cited facilities and coaching as the reason....FYI. Most major hockey powers have nice facilities....so that's usually moot....coach and the system they play is oft a factor....Sandelin recruits to fit and wants kids who may stay 3/4 years...he's successful with that philosophy...
  2. John W.

    2019 DI Mens Ice Hockey Championship

    Great to read post Frozen Four wraps in Herald...must be written mostly by Duluth Trib reporters (also a Forum Communications paper)... For better than reading about an 8th grader from Pisscreek, Saskatchewan who committed to UND...which has relevance to about 12 people..
  3. John W.

    WDAZ.com merges with WDAY.com

    Why doesn't Forum Communications put the Heralt' out of its misery,...it's just a matter of time and it will be history, like channel 8... And become a part of history....the Fargo Heralt' is worthless now....
  4. John W.

    2019 DI Mens Ice Hockey Championship

    Congrats to Dawgs...Melrose stated Coach Sandelin is the "best coach in college hockey, he recruits guys that'll stay 3/4 years and not the '1 and done'.....also he's sitting on a deep talent pool....doesn't have to travel 300 miles to recruit the bulk if his team..
  5. John W.

    Kennedy vs donors... again?

    I'm sure the. Fargo Heralt' is readying a place on their mantel for their 'Pulitzer'.... Since after several years they finally got 'Kennedy''....democrats should contact them as they're still trying to bring down Trump...
  6. John W.

    2019 DI Mens Ice Hockey Championship

    Hope UMD represents the NCHC well and brings home the prize....Read in the Strib this morning....(may be in the Fargo Heralt' in a couple days) that of the 6 western All Americans....4 played for MN based colleges....3 from NCHC....again good to see....
  7. John W.

    Kennedy vs donors... again?

    No doubt Kennedy did have a difficult time communicating and prolly was perceived as 'distant'...still if hired by CU, definitely is an upgrade over a North Dakota..should have kept his mouth shut on this ....but 'passive/aggressive racism' is rampant in ND...
  8. John W.

    Kennedy vs donors... again?

    I'd say Kennedy landed 'on his feet'....A 'Power 5 ' conference...PAC 12 member....and away from the 'pettiness that IS North Dakota.'...Hockey is not on the radar, for U of C....CC and Denver have dibs on that 'niche' sport in the state....
  9. John W.

    Kennedy vs donors... again?

    Posters on this site must be 'perfect'....ie. it's Kennedy's fault, it's Bubba's fault, it's Berry's fault, it's Shafer's fault....
  10. John W.

    2019 DI Mens Ice Hockey Championship

    Recruit to your system......not just 'talent'...reading accounts (don't go to Herald for quality anymore) of the NCAA hockey Frozen Four...coaches/writers talk about recruiting players to your system. AIC, Bowling Green AZ State may not have high end talent...but players stick to their coaches system , and don't 'freelance'...St. Cloud may be guilty here.....The new wave of talented young coaches preach system and not 'tradition'....only alums and legacy players give a rats butt about tradition.....look at Michigan, Minnesota, the Boston's and now UND..,.. Also 'facilities' may be over sold....most teams have decent, upgraded facilities now...ie. Denver, Duluth, Penn State, Ohio State, etc....facilities more important to alums....as is tradition... Recruit system..and the quality of the school...
  11. John W.

    2018-19 Season

    Great move for Gino Crandall...40 minutes from Final 4...both he and Carson Shanks crested once in a lifetime experiences and memories after moving on from UND...happy for both...
  12. John W.

    2019 DI Mens Ice Hockey Championship

    Read this morning in the sports section of the Strib (where I now go for sports information now that the Herald has been turned into a 2nd rate paper....no wait...4th rate or less) that the 'hockey 'Blue Bloods'-Minnesota, North Dakota ,BC, and BU , are not to be found. In this year's NCAA tourney... Maybe Hakstol saw the collegiate landscape changing and realized there will no longer be dynasty's, thus left toward the tail end of UND's run...Competitive balance is good for the growth of collegiate hockey....Sad day for some I'm sure...the boosters of those programs..
  13. John W.

    2018-19 Non-UND College Hockey

    KFAN yesterday was discussing the lack of fans attending Gopher hockey games....they concluded it was a mistake for them to move to Big Ten hockey....NCHC opponents all loved to hate the Gophers and could easily drive from Duluth, St. Cloud, Mankato , and Grand Forks to watch their teams taking on the 'hated' Gophs...much more likely than traveling from Penn State or Ohio Dtste...the lack of attendance at games has probably been offset by the lucrative Big Ten Netwotk contract.... But from a fan perspective, a mistake...All NCHC opponents considered the 'big dog' their fiercest rival.....
  14. John W.

    What do you think of the logo now??

    Totally agree...glad you got my point...but some Siousie. Sniffers do just that...
  15. John W.

    What do you think of the logo now??

    You don't hear Bison supporters yell, "let's go Aggies" at their events nor Stsnford fans holler 'Go Indians go".... Maybe the hockey team has an 'identity crisis' when they hear those who like to live in the past yell "Let's go Sioux"...when they're not...that anymore...Time to live in the real world....that name 'was, but ain't ever going to be'....look around it's 2019....Deal with what is.....get out of your hole and breathe the fresh air....