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  1. https://siouxcityjournal.com/sports/college/summit-league-faces-uphill-battle-in-adding-st-thomas/article_8d27ea6a-44d3-50d5-a161-a5585d827037.html Douple talks about five teams have expressed interest in the Summit. UST and Augie a given. Who are the other three? My wild guess is Duluth, Mankato and St Cloud.
  2. Had to bump this gem. Can hockey replace baseball as a required mens's sport in regards to the NCAA? With the addition of UST, it just might be easier for the Summit to meet hockey team requirements instead of baseball. PS: I realize that UST has baseball also, but hockey affiliates may be easier to come by in the Summit footprint.
  3. I saw in a couple posts on the D2 board that the Big Sky Conference is assisting Tarleton State in their transition. Why would they do this? If the northern BSC schools move to the Summit, like SV says, and southern BSC schools move to the WAC, wouldn't the Big Sky Conference cease to exist?
  4. This is spot on. They have probably determined that improving the fan experience and boosting attendance is the best and easiest way to increase revenue. Nowhere in the article do I see that they are even trying to hit the 15,000 attendance mark.
  5. Yes, like it or not both add football and baseball. Summit is more palatable to UNC with Denver, Oral Roberts and UMKC in it now. I guess I am okay with Augie as long as they guarantee they will become our Loyola-Chicago, Valpo or Butler.
  6. So the Summit doesn't need to get serious about baseball/autobid until 2022, correct? A lot can happen in three years in college realignment. I'll take the bet that baseball never becomes an issue for the Summit.
  7. Pixie dust Sioux>Bison. The Summit is fine. I doubt the NCAA is all of a sudden going to grow a pair.
  8. UMKC - coming back - check UNO - staying put - check Fort Wayne - leaving - check WIU - staying put - check UNC - ???? SV's take that the Summit is in crisis because of baseball is an exaggeration. The NCAA does not give a crap about the smaller leagues like the Summit, Big Sky and Horizon. All the Summit has to do is present a plan for a couple years here and then another one a couple years later of getting back to the proper number and the NCAA says whatever. Kind of like the attendance requirement.
  9. I think he is talking about International Delight French Vanilla creamer. I could be wrong though.
  10. Which can easily be waived if they bring baseball to the Summit.
  11. Is the offensive line coach to blame for any of the offensive line woes?
  12. Screw the SEC. SV talks about aligning with like-minded institutions. Lets skip the SDSU, MSU and Idaho talk, small potatoes. Lets shoot for the land grants of Iowa State, Kansas State and Oklahoma State. Big 12 here we come. We're practically family now with wrestling.
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