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  1. I think he is talking about International Delight French Vanilla creamer. I could be wrong though.
  2. Which can easily be waived if they bring baseball to the Summit.
  3. Is the offensive line coach to blame for any of the offensive line woes?
  4. Screw the SEC. SV talks about aligning with like-minded institutions. Lets skip the SDSU, MSU and Idaho talk, small potatoes. Lets shoot for the land grants of Iowa State, Kansas State and Oklahoma State. Big 12 here we come. We're practically family now with wrestling.
  5. What about cross country (both), track and field (both), golf (both) and volleyball (w)?
  6. I think UMKC coming back is realistic. UNO, I don't see going anywhere with Denver and UND as Summit members. Fort Wayne will probably go to Horizon. I also think WIU stays put. So now the Summit puts full court press on U of Northern Colorado. I'm really not too concerned with baseball compliance as the Summit just coming up with a "plan" will satisfy the NCAA for a couple years, but getting UNC would also help with Summit football, if that happens. Although SV's DMI conference has its merits, I just don't see it happening primarily because of non-revenue sports. Hard to justify flying all those sports west, when busing south is a lot cheaper.
  7. SV, if UMKC rejoins the Summit, does that change your thinking at all on the Dakota/Montana/Idaho conference? I asked this earlier in this thread, but you didn't reply. Why does your DMI conference have to go FBS? Wouldn't staying FCS also work?
  8. I think both teams should consider going 100% wildcat for the rest of the game.
  9. I am talking football. I think NDSU was behind Liberty in that regard. I applaud UND for being the only Big Sky football school to offer it, but I saw it more as a reactive move to staying competitive in the recruiting footprint of the Dakota schools.
  10. You lost me there, unless carefully planned out = reactive for a decade. UND was late to the party in both moving to D1 and cost of attendance to name a couple things. Now UND is going to lead the best of the Summit/MVFC and Big Sky to FBS? Why FBS? In your vision, will the new Summit have 85 scholarships and COA? I find it hard to believe that the Big Sky schools in your scenario, which are not even offering COA, can now afford 85 scholarships and COA. Any chance your new Summit League would stay FCS and 63 scholarships? I am glad UND is coming to the Summit as the Dakota four offer a strong base. I believe the Summit is more stable than many believe. I don't think UNO is going anywhere with budget issues and UND/Denver now in the league. Don't think the Horizon offers much to UNO. UNC would provide more value to the Summit than UMKC with baseball and football. UMKC would be a warm body. Would like to see the Summit go on the offensive and poach from another conference for a change.
  11. Will the hockey tie to UND and Denver provide sufficient/any incentive for UNO to stay in the Summit? I'm hoping it does.
  12. Saw SiouxVolley at the Chia LeBeouf "art" exhibit today. Was mumbling about something about Douple will not divide us.
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