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  1. I think Fort was a major coup. I thought he was pretty much recruited by everyone -- and chose us in the end. Because the recruiting game is so secretive, though, it's easy for other fan bases to just claim that their team lost interest in the recruit when they lose out.
  2. We’ll never forget where we came from! We like our new view but miss the familiar faces of 215!
  3. Agreed. I was born there. But got out of there when I was young enough -- before they could convert me to the dark side.
  4. Shout out to the young New Rockford “Rocket” on his first of many starts for the Hawks! It was so much fun to sit in section 213 on Saturday in front of the Bo Belquist cheeing section. They were loud and proud. It felt like they knew something about their favorite son that the rest of us didn’t and that he was about to show “it” at any moment. A leap from ND 9-man to D1 is such a fun story know matter what!
  5. Certainly not Lief Bungum!
  6. Start watching at the 5:10 mark of the video clip:
  7. He would not be denied on his TD run!
  8. Dalton in football = Panoam in MBB?
  9. I think Kelly is just too smart to give anyone any sort of bulletin material to work with. He knows what he's doing with his predictions. Go Hawks!
  10. True, PR would never ever call out a coach and team for "choking" a game away. Oh wait.
  11. SIU looked dominant on kick coverage last full season (2019). Looked like they prided themselves in stopping opponents behind the 20... gang tackling and big hits.
  12. See you at the "Fritz"! Love it. What a great human being to have a building named for!
  13. I think we’re right there with you. We have 4 seats in X and 4 seats in V.
  14. I got mine on Monday. Mailed to my home in a large REA Ticket Office envelope.
  15. I've got 8! I know I'm a pig. So sue me.
  16. A little good news in the mailbox this morning! I've got my golden tickets (sung to the Willie Wonka tune)!
  17. I just want to see UND football in person! Let's go! Less than two weeks.
  18. Still we can't keep giving teams reasons to be inspired or believe when we have them on the ropes.
  19. Agreed on all of that. Denver does look a little better with Jones in the lineup than they did for the previous games, since December, without him.
  20. 79-86 DU FINAL. DU caps it with 2 more foul shots.
  21. 79-84 DU :14 to go. T.O. UND
  22. Looks like DU will take this one with :14 left and DU at the line for 2
  23. 79-82 DU :40 seconds to go.
  24. UND give up a good chance by mishandling ball in the lane. Second time in a row. 79-81 DU with :57 seconds to go.
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