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  1. 22-24- DU. DU getting the calls and UND breathes on them and gets rung up. Fleec finally hits a 3 by banking it in. Hawks only shooting 26 percent.
  2. 18-18. DU living and dying by the 3. 7:31 to go in the 2nd quarter.
  3. DU playing with 6 women (1 sub dressed) due to COVID protocols. Let's run!
  4. I can't wait until he messes up and grabs the wrong mic.
  5. 16-12 UND after 1 quarter. DU keeping in it by launching playground 3s whenever possible.
  6. 12-6 UND with 2 minutes to go in 1st quarter. DU announcer is doing color, play by play and PA announcing in the arena (calling in subs). Multi-talented.
  7. We got off hot and then let them find hope by sucking at the free throw line and cooling off a bit from outside. Also Rebraca fouled out with about 8 minutes to go and with the game very much in doubt. Half of his fouls were jokes, especially one where he was set for eternity, outside the half circle and got called for a blocking foul. It evened out later when they got the same call against them. Just brutal. Rebraca should not have fouled out. Would have made it easier on us to have him out there for the duration.
  8. That was much more difficult than needed. Oh welp. UND wins!!!!!
  9. Seuker hits them both. 85-82 for the win. DU 3 point attempt from long clanks off the backboard.
  10. 19 seconds to go. Bientu at the line. Hits them both.
  11. 81-79 UND. 1:00 to go in OT Time Out UND.
  12. 78-79. DU. officials time out to look at tape to see if Robert Jones had hard contact on Danielson. Looks clean. 2:44 to go in OT
  13. All locked up at 75. Need an extra frame to decide this one. Just like the second game with Western Illinois last week we keep finding ways to inspire teams and let them believe. Uggh.
  14. First half was a foul fest. Second half has been a turn over fest. 16-15 UND with the sorry edge.
  15. Hawks turn it over with 4 seconds left. DU ball.
  16. Brutal officiating. Bientu gets all ball and gets rung up for his 4th foul.
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