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  1. Class_of_98

    President Kennedy Comments on HPC Phase II

    Well, Kennedy’s gone.
  2. Class_of_98

    Spring Ball

    For those who have attended, who is playing NG and how are they doing?
  3. Class_of_98

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Awesome. Welcome Caleb and Chandon. Nice job coaches, major wins for the D.
  4. Class_of_98

    UND - Portland State Game Day Thread

    Guess on crowd size?
  5. Class_of_98

    Time For Some New Blood

    Know a former and a current player for them. When they were asked who on the staff has the chance to really move up in coaching they both stated Tyler Roehl. Said he really gets it and really works well with the players and has the leadership mentality. Include the fact that he’s seen firsthand what processes it takes to win championships.
  6. Class_of_98


    F it. Fire em all.
  7. Class_of_98

    2018 Season

    Changing subject a bit. I haven’t heard anything on how OL Kruse and Jenkins are developing. They’ve got size for sure. Anyone have info?
  8. Class_of_98

    Swat the Hornets

    You think that’s a failure? Google their website and click “sports”. Top three stories are about the Yellow Cattle fb team.
  9. Class_of_98

    UND- Idaho State Game Day Thread

    This is exactly how I feel. I’m done. Bubba is a great person but he and his staff can’t coach their way out of a wet paper bag. I wanted to believe but the evidence is too great now. We’ll be the laughing stock of the MVFC. I hope Chaves makes the change before the end of the year to make the rest of recruiting happen under a new head coach.
  10. Class_of_98

    UND - Washington Game Day Thread

    I, for one, agree with you.
  11. Class_of_98

    Gameday: Fighting Hawks vs MVSU

    Couldn’t agree more on their fan base. The coaches, however, certainly seem to be finding the right balance.
  12. Class_of_98

    Gameday: Fighting Hawks vs MVSU

    Kid from my hometown was courted as a PWO 2 years ago by us and ag U. He chose ag U. I asked his dad why. Response: kid loved Schmidt and Bubba and liked UND academic better, however, he’s a tight end and he couldn’t bear the attitude of the position coach—Kostich. Kid is the complete ND farm kid—humble, hard working, polite. He couldn’t picture being led with arrogance. That sealed it for me. Kostich can’t connect and lead, he needs to go.
  13. Class_of_98

    Gameday: Fighting Hawks vs MVSU

  14. Class_of_98


    Exactly. &@!$!! You, Tom.
  15. Class_of_98

    2018 Season

    Ugh. I preferred to be blissfully ignorant a little longer. Here’s to the o line proving this wrong.