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  1. What keeps me awake is keeping Danny on staff. Maybe not this coming year but teams have got to be looking at him as a target for head or higher paying coordinator. Chaves and Bubba need to be communicating a path of succession and rewarding him.
  2. Is Devon eligible to play right away?
  3. Reading that article, what a well-spoken, sharp young man. Would be great for our team. Hope he stays on our path.
  4. Ditto. Hope you keep it up and thanks.
  5. Tyler Roehl. Couple former players of theirs said he is the real deal when asked who of the assistants stand out. He knows the system that works. Don’t believe it’s likely though as I think he could be their next HC. Really hope Chaves would try though.
  6. For those who have attended, who is playing NG and how are they doing?
  7. Awesome. Welcome Caleb and Chandon. Nice job coaches, major wins for the D.
  8. Know a former and a current player for them. When they were asked who on the staff has the chance to really move up in coaching they both stated Tyler Roehl. Said he really gets it and really works well with the players and has the leadership mentality. Include the fact that he’s seen firsthand what processes it takes to win championships.
  9. Class_of_98

    2018 Season

    Changing subject a bit. I haven’t heard anything on how OL Kruse and Jenkins are developing. They’ve got size for sure. Anyone have info?
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