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    They have a lot of intrinsic value. In the past year I've seen a few used ones sell for $300 to $700. I personally would find under $400 for an authentic to be a very good deal if it was gently used. I paid $210 for my first reebok sioux in 2011. White. I paid $280 for two additional white jerseys in 2014. I paid $300 and $360 for two black jerseys in 2015. I paid $400 for a green one to round out the collection in 2016. I sold one black one for $600 in 2019. All brand new, size 52 & 54, with tags.
  2. This is a fake tweet designed to brainwash and rattle you.
  3. The state declarations of secession from the federal union and joining of the confederacy thought that the abolishing of slavery was unconstitutional. Only one state's declaration of included taxes/tariffs, which were taxes on owning slaves (property). Of the declarations that mentioned general rights, the general right they didn't want to be taken away by the federal government was right to own slaves (property). Of the states that mentioned political party, they directly opposed Lincolns republican party as he ran an anti-slavery platform, restricting free (white) enterprise. Here is what Texas officially declared in their secession from the federal union. To me, their motivations for secession are pretty clear. We hold as undeniable truths that the governments of the various States, and of the confederacy itself, were established exclusively by the white race, for themselves and their posterity; that the African race had no agency in their establishment; that they were rightfully held and regarded as an inferior and dependent race, and in that condition only could their existence in this country be rendered beneficial or tolerable. https://www.battlefields.org/learn/primary-sources/declaration-causes-seceding-states
  4. If you are a Christian, and can't hear #BlackLivesMatter without feeling the need to respond with a criticism that "All Lives Matter," then crack open your Bible and hit up Luke 15. Don't have it handy? Let me summarize. There are 100 sheep, but one goes missing. Jesus leaves the 99 and goes after the one. The 99: "But... what about us? Don't we matter?" Of course the 99 still matter, but they're not the ones in danger. The one is.
  5. If you know the law, you know there are multiple levels of murder in MN: first, second, and third degrees. There are also several levels of manslaughter, which rely less on intent and more on if the death happened under your control. Third degree murder is the killing of an individual, without premeditation, without intent to kill, while acting without regard for human life. This is the one that will most likely be pursued. Floyd was clearly killed by an individual. The cop clearly acted without regard for human life. Floyd was killed without premeditation. So first degree murder is thrown out. Clear intent to kill will decide whether second or third degree is pursued, which is incredibly difficult to prove beyond reasonable doubt as you said. There is video evidence that shows bystanders and the victim warning the officer of his questionable actions leading to his own death. The cop made the conscious decision to ignore warning, continuing his actions, which in the eyes of the law can be seen as a change from negligence to willful intent to kill. Ultimately it is up to the prosecuting party to confidently prove their case. Final verdict will likely depend on how good the guys lawyer is and if he enters a plea deal or not. Saying it took only 4 days undermines the massive effort needed to put pressure on an unjust system in order for equal action to be taken against the officer. It took historic levels of widespread protests across nearly every state. Protests that extended into rioting and looting as a result of something so simple as holding four people who were bad at their job accountable for their actions. Despite being aware of being recorded, the officers lied on official reports. Revealing this systematic lie to the world was the catalyst for what we are now experiencing. If the cops were treated as normal citizens, they would have been arrested and charged promptly for causing a mans death. They would not be given several days or the benefit of the doubt considering they lied about the event that took place, with quick video and witness evidence to prove it. Cops are typically held to the same, if not stricter standards than every day citizens due to their training and position of power. This should be no different. If the authoritative, life ending power of the police wasn't so present and feared in their community, bystanders could have been able to prevent the cop from killing a fellow citizen.
  6. Define complexity. Both individuals were murdered in broad daylight. In one of these murders, justice was served immediately and the community could move on to recovering. The other murder was live streamed and resulted in widespread riots because the murderers were protected instead of being apprehended and held accountable in urgent fashion. Reminder: I am not the one trying to stretch the situation, draw parallels, and use an officers death to favor my narrative.
  7. I would fully expect riots if the city decided to wait for a few days and not immediately apprehend the murderer, especially if his death was live streamed to the world for all to see.
  8. Troll. ND evictions are processed as normal now, true, but that is not what we are talking about so don't construe the conversation to imply such. I understand the legal process. I have posted seven official sources that show legal circumstances are now different and that you are wrong about your assumptions for the currently existing nationwide eviction bans. Corroborated by POTUS Trump, Fox News, and legal references. You have provided nothing but "trust my word on this", if you had any proof eviction ban states are evicting for economic hardship cases, you'd be able to share it by now. https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/emergency-bans-on-evictions-and-other-tenant-protections-related-to-coronavirus.html Minnesota Oregon Colorado Florida
  9. A piece of relatively good news highlighting unemployment numbers/trends: https://www.foxnews.com/media/labor-secretary-believes-economy-turning a corner'-as-jobless-claims-decline-from-prior-week Total claims filed during the pandemic is at 41M. 2M of this being in the last week, the lowest weekly unemployment filings count since March 15th. Total people with continuing claims on unemployment is 21M, with there being a significant 4M drop in people claiming unemployment in the last week.
  10. Now you are just trolling. Trump banned evictions on a federal level for the pandemic and 31 states extended his order. I posted sources that clearly highlight this also showing no sheriffs show up to serve you if you reside in a state with an existing ban. No officers show up to remove a tenant = no eviction = no officer entering the residence of a cop killer = no officer death. You are going out of your way to call this all factually incorrect and yet cowardly refuse provide any evidence to prove yourself right.
  11. I never said eviction paperwork would not be started nor did I say they will never get evicted once the ban ends. I''m speaking directly on evictions and the eviction ban. "Eviction" is the act of physically removing a tenant from the property. That act of filing to removing tenants was banned across all 50 states by Trump, now it is only banned across 31 states. Meaning evictions have not actually taken place due to financial hardship from pandemic. I gave you several references that evictions are still banned. I gave you additional references of papers not being allowed to be filed nor served, as well as reference to where landlords who have decided to bypass federal/state law to evict have faced legal consequences resulting in a null in their eviction process. You even acknowledge the truth in this and yet sadly contradict yourself and claim Trump, Fox, State Supreme courts, and me to be 100% wrong about evictions taking place without any evidence to support yourself.
  12. Ah, I didn't have that exact detail at the time of my post. Noted. And agreed that he is a hero. Casual reminder that Trump himself ensured residential evictions and foreclosures were banned until the end of April. I didn't make it up for speculation. So Trump is a big reason why the homelessness statistic hasn't been presented in the media in tandem with unemployment rise and economic damages. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-says-hud-will-suspend-all-foreclosures-and-evictions-until-the-end-of-april-amid-covid-19-outbreak 31 states currently have extended beyond the president's federal eviction ban as of today (at least from economic hardship). Meaning no sheriffs at your door until the ban expires. North Dakota's residential eviction ban was removed at the end of April. I've included several sources for you to know your rights in case you want to change your mind about what you consider to be a 100% fact or not. If you have sources with alternative facts, please share and I'll give it a read. http://www.klgates.com/files/Publication/900fe7e5-d5ab-4aff-816e-5b5effc522e9/Preview/PublicationAttachment/dbd60ffe-42f9-4f8b-91eb-a5ea26248238/KLG_Real_Estate_COVID_19_State_by_State_Policies.pdf https://www.fox4news.com/news/cares-act-provides-eviction-protection-for-some-renters-many-dont-know-about https://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/what-you-need-to-know-about-renter-protections-during-the-pandemic https://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/new-tool-allows-renters-to-check-if-theyre-protected-by-feds-eviction-moratorium https://www.lawhelpmn.org/self-help-library/fact-sheet/covid-19-renters-rights-and-court-changes-during-pandemic https://www.propublica.org/article/despite-federal-ban-landlords-are-still-moving-to-evict-people-during-the-pandemic Speculations are moot though and doesn't change what happened. There is a gofundme out there if anyone wants to actually help support his family. https://www.gofundme.com/f/officer-cody-holte-memorial
  13. My SPECULATION is if the USA had a collective, actionable, serious, and earlier response to COVID, the USA would be in a leagues better spot economically and health wise. It doesn't matter who the president is, earlier, unified, and defined action by both democrats and republicans would have resulted in a better situation all around. Surely you can agree to this? Speculation relating specifically to the young man who died (THE PD OFFICER): Sure, if ND implemented a ban on evictions like a dozen other states have, the officer absolutely would not have died this week. If ND didn't shut down in the first place, the officer also may not have died. You can't put blame on any party for this, if you desperately want to put fictitious blame on someone, Burgum could have also saved his life by doing absolutely nothing and not enforcing a statewide lockdown. Or perhaps the eviction would have happened sooner and his life would have ended months sooner to that scumbag cop killer. That's why this it is called SPECULATION
  14. I commented on a post about speculation directly with additional speculation, that's your context clue. My bad if you don't understand what speculation means
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