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  1. It's very difficult to win an election vs an incumbent president. The conditions under which Trump has been elected haven't really changed, ie Trump hasn't gotten marginally worse since taking the presidency. He's the same old unconventional loud dude. So I don't expect the election results to change by much unless voters mobilize. I'm hoping for historical voter turnouts, no matter which party wins
  2. Here is what I found as of Wednesday 8/19 via the NHL stats page. Red means the team/player has been knocked out.
  3. Georgia Tech football game, 1918
  4. It's tough with how the playoffs are structured too. I would be okay if we waited for the play-in rounds to be over and the final seeding of the 16 playoff teams to be decided for us to start, with normal rules. Maybe more people would be able to join/play that way
  5. Ovechkin (WAS), Pastrnak (BOS), Kucherov (TBL), Point (TBL), Petterson (VAN), Kubalik (CHI), Kane (CHI), MacKinnon (COL), Rantanen (COL) Carlson (WAS), Hedman (TBL), Krug (BOS), Makar (COL), Hughes (VAN), Pietrangelo (STL)
  6. It's a shame. Bush was terrified of a pandemic like the Spanish flu rolling through again so he set aside billions to create and maintain a pandemic playbook. I've linked the playbook here before:. Of course anything hosted on the CDC website is fake news though. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/pandemic-resources/pdf/pandemic-influenza-implementation.pdf Here is a short COVID response from President Bush calling for unity. I have heard people call Bush a traitor against Trump and the Republican party for this. https://video.foxnews.com/v/6153736964001#sp=show-clips
  7. Do this picture next with that same logic
  8. Again, I'm not with that save one life narrative. I think everyone needs to go back to work and that we should isolate the sick and vulnerable. I'm also on the side where isolating the sick and vulnerable means we as a community need to proceed with caution during this health pandemic. People are going to die, it's all calculated risk in the end. As I mentioned in my first post on critical thinking, 20% of teachers are over 55. They are at the most risk of dying. What does isolating the vulnerable mean in this case? Firing any teacher over 55 who doesn't want to teach in person? Good luck with that message. Replacing/protecting 20% of your vulnerable workforce is no easy task either way.
  9. Are all teachers young healthy people with limited meaningless risk?
  10. You can put words in my mouth all you want. Still no answers to the questions I asked. They are the questions that need to be answered if you want school to happen. It is not just a function of the health and safety of the students, majority will be fine and recover. It is a function of the teachers and adults who are surrounding the children. People who would be tough to replace if they quit or die due to changing and poor work conditions.
  11. You are so close to getting the point lol
  12. Okay, now do every age bracket over 20
  13. It is also not economical to leave kids out of school. In the long run, poor education has been correlated to an increase crime and poverty, ultimately leading to a lower quality of life. We need educated youth. We need teachers to teach students. Regulating students is a nightmare. Depending on age. But still a nightmare. Many have no comprehension of their actions and when they are older rebel against authority. Then you have the parents who would raise hell if you mandated their kids wear a mask. Just bad all around. I see the valid solution being leaned towards is regulate/protect only the teachers. Make them mask up and PPE themselves as much as possible. Again, they need definitive answers to the questions outlined above so they know the risk, the hassle, the pay, and if it is worth it to stay in their current career path. This is how every industry with any level of hazard works. I didn't say what the solution is. You are suppose to take in information and come to a reasonable conclusion yourself and then us have a dialogue on it. The last 3 questions are part of the reality teachers and families would be facing, you can't just shut them down because they are difficult. They need to be answered and not ignored. COVID is much more aggressive in transmission than the flu to everyone, and more aggressive with hospitalizations and death to older people. So we need to balance against that. Again, you are right, students are safe from COVID. But students are little disease spreading monsters as is. They still need to stay home when they are sick and quite a few still don't. They have thought about this. School shuts down for several times during peak flu season for a reason, and its not just to give students and teachers a free arbitrary three weeks break. Think about why the general workforce doesn't shutdown for these breaks but schools do. Logistically if schools were kept open, flu would spread, kids and faculty would be out of school anyway. It's easier to have everyone stay home for three weeks (gasp like a quarantine to flatten the curve). The comment of do nurse is a valid train of thought for an entirely different industry and conversation. You wan't teachers back in school. Answer the questions above. Don't dodge it completely, this is why they are not putting teachers back in school.
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