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  1. This rhetoric is nothing new unfortunately. Steve Bannon, Trump's former advisor, called for beheading and putting the FBI director and Fauci's heads on pikes. Giuliani said somebody needs to cut the head off of the Democratic party.
  2. The way I read it, the supreme court has two options to give Trump a victory in this election cycle. 1. Rule mail in ballots unconstitutional due to the discrepancies between all states and throw out tens of millions of ballots. 2. Give the power of deciding who is president fully to the electors of each state and take it away from the voters and hope that electors in states where the popular vote went to Biden ignore the will of the people and give the electoral votes to Trump. Both are highly unlikely, but seem within the realm of possibilities. I think both decisions won't need eviden
  3. I can't look at CNN or Fox for political news. CNN was the boy who cried about trump. Fox was the boy who cried about CNN. Feels like they are in on it together for content. So I feel better off cutting cable and not watching either network. For international news sources: The Independent, BBC , Reuters (all pretty much UK/Canada based). Still a hint a bias, but they are more objective about US news since they are harder to influence. I have a friend in Finland who talks American politics with me too.
  4. Misinformation campaigns exist all across the board, left and right. News sources have largely become opinion networks and they face no liabilities for the false messages they share and damage they cause. Sadly false information spreads faster than indisputable truths. I've watched news slowly transition from starting with a mostly truthful message and then providing bias to confirm a networks position to a network starting with a heavy bias with a mostly false message to confirm a position for the consumer. Many people want to be told their biases are right and will ignore true information i
  5. The 3 page news article had almost no supporting evidence/references to prove their statement true. It was created by an individual, a student, who didn't put in enough effort to gain a collective scientific agreement that it was remotely true. So thus it was removed before it could be misconstrued as credible information.
  6. If you smell like a criminal, you look like a criminal, and you walk like a criminal, should we immediately assume you are a criminal? Or should we assume that you are a good person with a great track record until proven beyond a doubt otherwise?
  7. Looks like 3.1M ballots were requested, only 2.6M were returned. This is all I could find for now. https://electproject.github.io/Early-Vote-2020G/PA.html https://www.electionreturns.pa.gov/
  8. According to this new very accurate and unbiased poll our president is using, the widespread fraud is bigly true. He should have won 98.9% of the votes, had 152M votes in this years election and won all 538 electoral votes.
  9. There's a system of checks and balances in our government for a reason. Trump does/says something questionable and the government checks it out. The balance is Trump did nothing wrong and so no action was taken against him and he remained in power the entire time. IMO it is to everyone's best interest to not frame checks as malicious unnecessary attacks, they are a good method of keeping politicians at least somewhat inline. If Biden starts firing people who oversee him and does blatantly shady stuff while president, or his family, I would want him investigated for it and removed from office i
  10. It is not a concern what so ever. Just would like to see how everyone is playing the game and if it changes. As in Trump was known to throw attacks against his own party if they didn't offer him undying loyalty, I am curious to see how this dynamic changes if he is no longer in power.
  11. I'm more interested in if more R's will denounce Trump's actions if Biden is announced winner. Especially since he would be in a position that holds no power over them. Will they continue the Trump Fraud train? Or will they remain silent and act as if fraud never happened?
  12. Mr. Giuliani said in a statement that Ms. Powell “is practicing law on her own. She is not a member of the Trump Legal Team. She is also not a lawyer for the President in his personal capacity.” Kinda nice for someone to be both on the team and off the team pending on how much of an asset they are for you.
  13. For the same reasons as any other attorney dropping a case. They either have no evidence at all or insufficient evidence to win and prove their allegation, were being asked to perjure themselves to say they had indisputable undisclosed evidence and risk losing their license to practice law, promises of being paid fell through, had conflict of interests or personality conflicts.
  14. Fair enough. The FAA does has influence on the actions of airlines at a minimum and has not taken a stance on masks. The CDC recommends, but does not mandate that airline passengers must wear masks. The CDC also does not impose a limit on air craft capacity either. So this leads me to believe they are consumer driven decisions by the airlines, as most of their other decisions are.
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