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  1. Here is what I found as of Wednesday 8/19 via the NHL stats page. Red means the team/player has been knocked out.
  2. It's tough with how the playoffs are structured too. I would be okay if we waited for the play-in rounds to be over and the final seeding of the 16 playoff teams to be decided for us to start, with normal rules. Maybe more people would be able to join/play that way
  3. Ovechkin (WAS), Pastrnak (BOS), Kucherov (TBL), Point (TBL), Petterson (VAN), Kubalik (CHI), Kane (CHI), MacKinnon (COL), Rantanen (COL) Carlson (WAS), Hedman (TBL), Krug (BOS), Makar (COL), Hughes (VAN), Pietrangelo (STL)
  4. dynato


    They have a lot of intrinsic value. In the past year I've seen a few used ones sell for $300 to $700. I personally would find under $400 for an authentic to be a very good deal if it was gently used. I paid $210 for my first reebok sioux in 2011. White. I paid $280 for two additional white jerseys in 2014. I paid $300 and $360 for two black jerseys in 2015. I paid $400 for a green one to round out the collection in 2016. I sold one black one for $600 in 2019. All brand new, size 52 & 54, with tags.
  5. dynato


    For me it only works on the browser when I copy an image and paste it as text. Something might be broken/shadowbanned
  6. dynato


    https://www.ebay.com/itm/NHL-Hockey-Jersey-Uniform-Frame-Display-Case-Cabinet-98-UV-Lockable/302333857608?var=601170370909 Here is the jersey case I use for all my jerseys. It fits the main body and shoulder patches nicely, but it is tight on the sleeves. For reference, it is 31.5"H X 23.5"W X 2"D
  7. dynato


    Framed authentic jersey signed by the entire 2015-16 championship team. Was hoping I could add a similar one to my wall this year.
  8. It is attached to swanson. They placed live cameras so the public can see construction progress if you fancy that sort of stuff. https://app.oxblue.com/open/und/memorialunion
  9. Ramp pass was $300 before I switched to a Staff/Faculty ($225) pass last year. Both numbers were off slightly (sorry!), as they plan on charging $625 not $650. This bump in charges is almost explicitly because of the massive debt of the parking ramp, where the parking department is financially unable to keep up with payments and the state government is no longer going to subsidize their debt's. Attached is an e-mail from someone on the inside of the parking committee letting staff/faculty what the University is trying to push through. I'll attach the comprehensive parking study they referenced
  10. UND is forcing through a tiered parking system this fall. Parking ramp pass and on campus parking is going to be raised from ~$300/yr to $650/year. They need to make sure all the spots are cleared out everyday in order to not anger permit holders who spend that much. So sports fans affected by this change are the least of their concerns right now.
  11. From everything I have read while lurking, I have to say I agree with @stoneySIOUX. Brad Berry was a defenseman, so as head coach he will naturally tailor a program towards defense. We saw what he was capable of doing with talent. Right now we have a program built around a solid young defensive core right now with several great goalies to back them. We dominate puck possession most games as a result. As others have said our current structure can win games even with terrible offense. This year sucked because of lack of development with our forwards/poor predictable offense, I'm inclined to bel
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