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  1. If X says open up they are just doing it for stock market and wealthy. If Y says open up they are looking out for the ultra poor. https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2020-05-11/more-than-a-billion-people-escaped-poverty-in-the-last-20-years-the-coronavirus-could-erase-those-gains?_amp=true&__twitter_impression=true
  2. He needs somebody, somebody like you. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/may/12/bryan-adams-attacks-china-coronavirus
  3. But believe it or not, the legal authority exists, and has been used in the past (by James Earl Carter). https://www.reuters.com/article/us-united-states-china-debt-breakingview/breakingviews-america-could-actually-shirk-its-debts-to-china-idUSKBN22G05Q
  4. I did not say default. I said void US debt held by China. And there's a difference: one is can't pay; one is won't pay. Keep paying the rest. The world would see the difference. Heck, the world would probably follow suit.
  5. No. When I say make them pay I mean make them pay. China holds about $1.3 trillion (with a T) of US sovereign debt. I say void all that paper: Void all US debt held by China. Tell them they can use it for toilet paper, because that's all it's worth now. If they don't like it, well, they've already de facto started an economic war. If China wants to go next level, let them start that also. We'll finish that too. (Let the first Trident D-5 "party favor" land on Wuhan.)
  6. It's been that way for over a decade.
  7. “The news comes amid rising sentiment that China should be held financially responsible for the pandemic.“ Blame the arsonists. And make them pay.
  8. German magazine Der Spiegel is reporting the China government conspired with WHO to delay reporting the problem by four to six weeks. https://dailycaller.com/2020/05/09/china-who-coronavirus-coverup-germany/ “The BND’s verdict is harsh: At least four, if not six, weeks have been lost in Beijing’s information policy in the fight against the virus,” Der Spiegel reported. (BND is German intelligence.)
  9. Why are we blaming the firefighters? Blame the arsonists. (Yeah, I’m looking at you and your policies Beijing.)
  10. I see maybe three 50+ in that video. What I see is a bunch of potential asymptomatic carriers (who’ll never go symptomatic) that’ll build herd immunity.
  11. I had realistic expectations. Zero deaths? Never going to happen. Economic impact? The minute the word “pandemic” was rolled out the impact was real if only just psychological. We did the best we could with the immediate information when this hit. We’re doing the best we can with what we have in hand now. If you can do better, run for office. I’m not a Walz guy, but his “adjusting the knobs” to get back to normal mindset is good. (I may or may not agree with his settings. And that’s OK.)
  12. They have. You and I may or may not agree with the decisions. To claim they didn’t is to claim you are a mind reader and know their thoughts.
  13. If the concern was overwhelming the health system, why weren’t the societal triggers tied to ... (wait for it) ... loading on the health system.
  14. Which failed us? Noam in SD? Bergum? Newsom in CA? The Michigan governor? Cuomo? The NJ governor? MN governor? I’d say the elected official who haven’t ended “wet markets” in China failed us. Those are the main suspect for MERS, SARS, swine flu, and now Ol’-19. Elect me and those markets will no longer be a problem* *And I’ll fix the China bio-weapons program too.
  15. Did we or anyone have the gear to implement it.
  16. I keep hearing we needed mass testing. But did we know what to test for until it was rolling? And how would we have gear to test for what we didn’t know to test for?
  17. Life is managing risk. We are past the risk of overwhelming ND hospitals. We now must manage the risk of losing some of them.
  18. < hand in air > What exactly was that?
  19. Any FBS game that does not happen for an FCS is just going to expand the economic damage.
  20. The Hope Hustlers used a B-58 as a logo. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convair_B-58_Hustler It would’ve been so much better if the logo was someone decked out by ... http://leroymenswearseattle.com
  21. This is a multi-factor, multi-dimensional problem, a classic MIMO system to the controls engineers out there. One-dimensional linear thinking will not get us out of this. If you want to say lock down, flatten, and protect health care infrastructures, and nothing else, you’re one dimensional. If you want to say open it all up and let ‘er buck, and nothing else, you’re one dimensional. Governor Bergum is thinking multi-dimensionally and he deserves credit for that. Will he make some mistakes on the way? Yes. But I’d rather that than him locked into “we’re doing this and only this” immovable one dimensional thought.
  22. There’s a good explanation here under the heading “Deaths”. https://www.health.nd.gov/diseases-conditions/coronavirus/north-dakota-coronavirus-cases Media is reporting 25; only 16 registered as “COVID” with other listed as COVID as a secondary or contributing and some data pending.
  23. CDC updated that chart to those numbers late last week. I suspect it has to with “COVID” versus “COVID-related” tracking (my hunch).
  24. My niece (intern at a Boston area hospital) says 4 out of 5 do not come off the vent are the numbers they’ve seen.
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