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  1. Easier for people at a distance to get to Saturday games so they are premium. It's hard to be 80-100 miles away and get to a Friday night game after work.
  2. Kawaguchi update: https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/4053039-Jordan-Kawaguchi-back-on-the-ice-after-offseason-surgery
  3. You're saying nobody wants a golden ticket unless six others are getting them and they're all in the same boat (schedule, finances) because nobody could survive it alone. Now that (logically, fiscally, and logistically) is a tough response to counter. But again, lots of moving parts without leaks.
  4. And given all the "moving pieces" how could none of this leak. Yes, it's just presidents and AD that make the vision calls. But, office workers do the ground work to make it happen, ... and they leak.
  5. So why hasn't that golden ticket to FBS that the WAC still possesses been utilized yet by anyone?
  6. You're speculating that 5 DI schools (and one in transition) will bring in 2 DI transitioners and still be able to lure in 4 to 8 existing FCS schools while losing two members to other conferences and evicting another. Volley, I enjoy your thoughts and insights, but this seems like something only Rube Goldberg could fathom and have happen in 2.5 years. Again, lots of moving pieces that seem disjointed. Response?
  7. I agree with that much; but, how do we know the WAC isn't just going to acquiesce to implosion and join the Southwest Conference in NCAA history. That said ...
  8. Volley, please respond to this comment: That seems like a lot of moving parts. And it's already August 2019. How can all that happen in your time frame (meaning before 2022)?
  9. I know folks that had been doing their own "mini plans" already.
  10. Today Suter is looking like Arthur E. Newman on that magazine cover --- "What me worry?"
  11. In light of recent events there is no humor or jocularity in your post. Please consider your posts as well when critiquing posts.
  12. Sounds like an Eighth Amendment violation (if it was a public entity).
  13. Throttle back the personally directed attacks and insults, ... everyone. Thank you.
  14. Back in the day the Denver Broncos were the zone blocking masters, and had one of the lightest OLs in the NFL.
  15. That was worth repeating. As I've said before, if the Summit loses one school that sponsors soccer or baseball the clock starts on the MBB autobid disappearing. To refresh your memories ...
  16. They are showcasing work they did for UND, specifically the “Leaders in Action” ad campaign, and not the UND Athletics rebranding campaign. Hence no Fighting Hawks logo as that’s for Athletics usage. The fact they are showcasing their UND promotional work on their page is a win. It may be the only time some are exposed to UND in any way.
  17. A big fraction of Minot is oil traffic also.
  18. Not really. It's January; you've suffered an injury and have to bring in a goalie. Would rather have them rushing to Seattle from Palm Springs or Boise?
  19. Please tell me he's down about 10 pounds from last season. I don't believe it would hurt his stamina or endurance, but would help his speed and quickness.
  20. ... or on something. < obligatory Robbins reference here >
  21. Mentioning Seattle, the NHL Radio on SiriusXM guys rated "Seattle" as more likely to win a Stanley Cup in the next five years than the Minnesota Wild.
  22. You mean that stretch of campus where UND (Kennedy) rightly and smartly tore down a bunch of dilapidated, decrepit, eyesores? You mean that space will be upgraded now? Whodathunkit.
  23. @MafiaMan FEWER potholes = less coffee spilled. FEWER potholes = fewer cups of coffee spilled. If it's countable it's fewer; if it's not countable it's less.
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