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  1. About 6'7". He was 6'8" but age, time, wear, he's shrunk a bit.
  2. Can he recruit this area or get recruits from his grounds to come?
  3. If that was Tom Wilson surely there'd be calls for ...
  4. Mike Boschee came to mind as did Jeff Boschee.
  5. Allow me to sum all that up: 2019 Stanley Cup playoffs 1 Us 0 They whupped us.
  6. Put a 3. in front of that and add it to my list.
  7. So will Haa-a-a-a-avid keep Adam Fox now that CAR traded his rights to NYR?
  8. Punch. Contact to the head. <--- there're the trigger words Opponent in defenseless position (can't see it coming). Reputation. History. The rest of the round is four games. A case could be made.
  9. Being a guy who looks at a lot of number and balance sheets, I'm going to ask some questions given this is one data point (and I'm always skeptical of one fiscal data point). 1. What were the prior year's numbers? Was 2018 a "tough comp" because 2017 was monster record setting good? 2. Was there a known change in the county, like construction finished on UND Med or the new Minnkota complex, so sales to finish those stopped?
  10. How would the MIAC voting work when St John's is mens only and St Ben's and St Kate's are womens only? Under a quick glance it's 13 schools: 5 Catholic, 8 Protestant; however, as noted above, three of those Catholic schools are men's/women's only. If everyone votes (13) and it takes 9 there's a Catholic block of 5 so the rest are capped at 8.
  11. Peruse the MIAC. Seems one school does stand out across the array of athletics. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minnesota_Intercollegiate_Athletic_Conference Can't beat 'em, boot 'em?
  12. The more I think about it, Sherels signing with the Saints is good news for John Santiago. It means there's a position open to competition.
  13. < to the theme of Ghostbusters > Doug Ber-gum! .... I ain't 'fraid of no Gov ...
  14. Why would they? The State's already buyin'.
  15. Not sure where this should go, so it'll go here. https://www.jamestownsun.com/news/government-and-politics/4604860-funding-roosevelt-library-cemented-burgum-signs-budget Looking for @Siouxphan27 to make a call.
  16. He needs to win the spot in the return game.
  17. If the old UND moniker had to go, and now Long Beach State's 49ers are gone, how long before the progressives march on South Bend.
  18. The common vernacular is the P5 (Power 5) conferences, the G5 (Group of 5 other FBS conferences), and FCS. All are officially "DI" conferences, but to say "not all the same" is somewhat of a massive understatement.
  19. Y'ain't hung 'round here much, eh? What y'all calls cheatin' is what we-alls calls playin' ta win!
  20. I remember the Albany (NY) airport shortly after that and Jeff Panzer is sitting in a waiting area and has his feet up on it and is talking with Bryan Lundbohm. They see freshman David Lundbohm coming into the waiting area. Jeff Panzer says: "David, take a look. This is all this thing is good for."
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