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  1. It's not just UND making decisions. https://www.inforum.com/news/education/1015884-NDSU-finalizes-early-retirement-packages-for-30-employees (Found it in Sunday's paper, page 6, at the fold.)
  2. Bashed? Her public curriculum vitae is being reviewed for suitable qualifications.
  3. I serve on a board similar to Dakota Gasification. There's a huge difference between that and being the CFO. Being a Dean is a chief executive position within that sub-organization. (This is where Heitkamp's time as AG would be comparable, AG being a sub-org in State government.)
  4. He was the only RB taken in the first two rounds. Impressive.
  5. I'd like to see Morgan Olsen but I fear that bridge was burned (charges set and detonated, dropped in the river, floated down river, set adrift at sea) last time.
  6. Other than being ND Attorney General, please show me Heidi Heitkamp's experience as chief executive officer or chief financial officer in any organization and as such having ultimate and final fiscal decision power.
  7. Seems AD Chaves has decided to go "Twitter dark" while he looks to fill the following vacancies: - MBB head coach - Volleyball head coach - MIH assistant coach I'd say it's a smart move.
  8. As much as many groused about Kupchella ... Kupchella or Kelley, Kupchella or Kelley ... ... 'splain it to 'em boys ...
  9. < blind squirrel comment >
  10. Um, didn't we have that in Kennedy and Schafer? And maybe Kupchella* too? *He dared stand up to the NCAA!
  11. As an east coast friend used to say, "By the way many drive seems directionals are optional".
  12. I said UND AA&F. That's not the president. UND AA&F is a separate private entity; the president is ex officio on that board.
  13. PCM wouldn't take this wager. Any takers here? Wanna bet a cold beverage that MRK’s tenure at CU looks much like at UND, namely, some ugly budget decisions that get knickers in a twist and some dead weight (facilities or staff) is ‘discharged’, and he’s gone before 2023 … but he got paid.
  14. So you're saying they have the starboard side directionals removed from their vehicles before purchase because they'll never need them?
  15. Dear Ms Engelstad McGarry, Congratulations! What you asked for has arrived! You are now free to give without reserve or restraint as Mark Kennedy is gone. I look forward to your signed press releases, as follows, in the immediate future. Talk's cheap; back it up. In closing:
  16. So the complaint with Kennedy was a "tone deaf politico with a penchant for angering segments of the constituency" ... and you want to replace with a tone deaf politico with a penchant for angering segments of the constituency. I won't defend Kennedy, but at least he had proven fiscal (CFO) and academic (GWU) chops before his arrival.
  17. I believe the NCAA rule should be simple: So what if you played MJ as long as you enroll at an NCAA school before your 19th birthday.
  18. I can't make a sustainable living doing what I'd prefer to all day every day either. (And that's luck for all of you or I'd be here all the time.)
  19. There are the trigger words. Yes, there they are.
  20. If you're hired to cover a game between Quinnipiac and Austin Peay, ... are you minding Peays and Qs.
  21. Mike (older) and Jeff are brothers from Valley City. Rumor has it those two shot so many jumpers that they wore out chain nets at the asphalt court east of The Bubble at VCSU. Mike played guard at UND in the Dave Vonish era if memory serves. Jeff played guard at Kansas (yes, that Kansas) and was the reason for the KU@UND MBB at The Ralph back in the day.* *The KU coach at the time liked to give his seniors a game in their "hometown" best he could. Jeff picked at UND because Mike played at UND.
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