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  1. Nope. It falls under the base agreement (2030).
  2. Hawks "with frickin' la-a-a-aser beams attached to their heads" attacking the visitor's bench.
  3. You mean the students that are filling maybe 60% of the four upper deck sections on any given night? Them? I'm up there beside those sections. I see it.
  4. The delusion is that the old name is coming back. I'm not saying agree or not with the change, or the new name, but it ain't never coming back ... she's gone.
  5. " ... Gone like a '59 Cadillac Like all the good things that ain't never coming back She's gone (gone) gone (gone) gone (gone) gone, she's gone ..."
  6. Go with "Check your voice-mail. < clap, clap, clap-clap-clap >" three times followed with ... You missed a call! You missed a call! You missed a call! ... Now pass me my Dunkin' Donuts coffee Pastrnak.
  7. Of all the non-nickname jerseys out there I find "Bolts" the best. (Keep the NBA's cities and bays and what-not.) That said, Bolts jerseys make a lot of sense right now because in this year's nuts Cup playoffs they ... < gonna say it > ... really screwed themselves over.
  8. A direct DIII --> DI hop is no longer allowed. St. Thomas would have to spend time, like half a decade, in DII before going DI (and spending another half decade in that transition). They could do it, but it's chess, not checkers.
  9. I assume you're equally appalled by GSW's "The City" or "The Bay" jerseys.
  10. Sure, he said it at his first presser after the announcement. Otherwise it's conspicuously absent from his daily vernacular. Listen to him: he'll say "North Dakota" and "our culture*"; you won't hear "Hawks" or "Fighting Hawks". *Code for the old nickname.
  11. Asked and answered. UND no longer uses the interlocked ND.
  12. Providence junior Josh Wilkins signs with Nashville.
  13. Kendall Baker is calling and wants credit for his (bleck) design.
  14. "I'm here all weekend. Next show's at 8:30. Try the veal. Don't forget to tip your host or hostess. G'night everyone!"
  15. Allow me to say there is some benefit to having REA run as a separate entity as it is. Don't believe me? How many millions of "deferred maintenance" did Kennedy have to get off of UND's books because UND wasn't doing the maintenance on the facilities. If that's how UND would run The Ralph (putting off maintenance) I don't want them running it.
  16. The Sicatoka

    Spring Ball

    So how'd we come away as far as injury recovery or new ones?
  17. Whomever the emissary of the chosen informs us has been anointed is said "grand slam". Translated: We'll know when gfhockey lets us know who won dice at gobc coffee*; they get to pick the president; we'll hear the name then. *Something this important they do over morning coffee at the truck stop (not saying not hungover) to show proper gravitas.
  18. We're crashing toward the end of spring semester. Don't we start to hear about "will not returns" at or about finals week? I look at the forwards in the pipeline, the departures, the open slots at forward, and the math isn't working ... yet.
  19. My guess is the changes will be subtle and nuanced from the 2018-19 jerseys: North Dakota on the front; hawk on the shoulder; maybe re-striped (as some say) like Dallas. That's it. Why do I say that? Brad Berry has final call on the jersey. He's never said "Hawks"; he was forced into the "on the shoulder hawk". You won't see further movement toward it. That's my prediction. Make me wrong, Brad.
  20. I have a buddy from NJ who had to go to an event in Milwaukee. He flew to Chicago and thought the drive to Milwaukee was "long"; but, he called me up and said he was "real close by" and wondered if he should drive out and visit, 'cause WI and ND are close ... He got it after the third time I said, " ... more than 8 hours in the car ... ".
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