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  1. The Sicatoka

    2019 Season

    < Northern Iowa joke here >
  2. Correct. Think of it this way: Would it have been wise to give anything more than a cursory "hello" to any of Don Lucia's kids. They were Domers or Goophers from birth.
  3. In my mind STL had to win last night. They didn't.
  4. Most people call "West Valley City" ... Sanborn. Oh, you mean the one in Utah.
  5. If Grand Forks were in any other region of the country it would be the shining star of regional growth. Instead it has oil-fueled Bismarck and Minot, and super-self-assured Fargo, as comparison points next door.
  6. If that is the case ... Undeniably.
  7. Point of order: No one here knew to associate this posting handle with that name before your post. Before you outed yourself that name was just another name on Facebook (that anyone could've seen there).
  8. The Sicatoka

    2019 Season

    < ding! > Winner. If you have the biggest, baddest, meanest, most skilled offensive line in the game you can have Blackheart, Mafia, and Oxbow as your backfield and still win games.
  9. You mean this thread in the Men's Basketball forum?
  10. The Sicatoka

    The Herald

    I'm not a millennial but do communicate with more than a few of them (relatives, co-workers, students, interns). Allow me to attempt to speak for them ... What's a newspaper? Wake up. Look at the world around you. The daily newspaper is a dying thing. Quit trying to blame it on anything more than the world changing. They want their information delivered on a device; that you want petroleum (or soy-based) products spread on dead trees delivering your news to you is a joke to them.
  11. All of these missed calls just lead me to believe the game is so fast for the on-ice officials, and there's so much 'fog of war' happening around them, that they need to go to one referee on the ice and one in the press box. We have the tech: The press box guy would be on an open circuit* to the on-ice official and would call penalties in real-time through the on-ice official. The press box guy would also be the replay official. * "Tonight's game official communications is sponsored and provided by Verizon."
  12. I work with some guys from STL. I cheered with them when they put down SJS. They stopped buying drinks when I said I didn't figure the run would last for STL and had to tell them "BOS in 6".
  13. ... (I've been gone a bit) ... Sharks Scheider-ed IALTO!
  14. The way the world is headed, you’re not wrong.
  15. I always like that one. Do they mean to hire a successful criminal? But wouldn't a successful criminal not have a record? If they find a record wouldn't that be an unsuccessful criminal? So confusing ...
  16. Wasn't Robert Downey Jr available?
  17. John was miserable to try to contain on a 53.3 x 120 yard (counting end zones) field of play. Now imagine 65 x 150 yards (counting end zones).
  18. So does STL get to budge in front of VGK in the NHL reparations line or is it first-come-first-serve?
  19. They can look at offsides with fuzzy, pixelized images from 60 feet away, but not a three-angles, high-def replay clearly showing a hand pass directly to a teammate.
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