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  1. Quarantine, schmarantine, ... old-school, ... the scotch/bourbon kills the virus in that room.
  2. One more observation: I liked seeing most of the last 48 seconds played in the Duluth zone. That’s a winning attitude and approach.
  3. The inability to make the simple off the glass play to break pressure is starting to concern me.
  4. Thought for the day: In the eyes of the NCAA, UND is 1-0-1 against Duluth. Today’s win was big.
  5. All the more so as 24 had a day to forget and 4 and 20 made nothing but soft passes.
  6. If I'm crazy so are the NCHC Week 1 Defenseman of the Week voters.
  7. Bust out the cigars and dim the lights in the back room: We're pickin' teams old-school.
  8. There is no WAC football today. There is belief in some circles that a reading of the NCAA manual (in certain light, with special glasses) says the WAC can still "invite" teams to be FBS (as that transition now requires the invitation before transition). And this is where I'm going to miss SiouxVolley.
  9. Yes, we are missing Sanderson and Kleven. Yes, we are playing the five healthy D we have. But ... five healthy. We are missing Ethan Frisch (upper body) also and I believe that hurts more than Sanderson or Kleven being gone. The way Frisch played the first week of the pod he might have been our best defender (yes, even over 3 and 24). My basis for my bold statement.
  10. If it's five defensemen again (like v. WMU) you'll see a continual rotation of who's ready to go back out.
  11. Pure speculative guess, but knowing UND Hockey has a break from Dec 20 to Dec 31, you won't see any of them unless they are either (a) 100%, or (b) can't get hurt any worse.
  12. https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/government-and-politics/6798401-UPDATED-Judge-orders-closure-of-Boardwalk-Bar-and-Grill-in-East-Grand-Forks Wow. Just wow. Ellingson and Walz claim "parens patriae" authority -- the government, or any other authority, regarded as the legal protector of citizens unable to protect themselves. Dear EGF and Polk County residents: Governor Walz and AG Ellingson think they're your daddy, you're unable to protect yourself, and by extension, you're too stupid to do your own risk assessments.
  13. Um ... but he proudly pitches pigskin from the port side ...
  14. The whole Feeney family looked good in UND gear ...
  15. The one I most wanted was first one in.
  16. Richter? I go with one season of play left. https://www.msumdragons.com/sports/football/roster/jake-richter/6891
  17. The old adage -- nobody is a freshman after Christmas -- is more true than ever this year.
  18. Ethan Frisch's brother Grant is the captain of the Spuds this year ... if he ever gets to pull on the jersey.
  19. Did you say somewhere a middle school is missing its second vice principal?
  20. When UND had their "four in six days" week it cost us Caulfield and Frisch. May others be just as "lucky".
  21. DU's week: - WMU right now - Miami Thursday - WMU Saturday - SCSU Sunday
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