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  1. How about everyone go and read NCAA ice hockey Rule 73: Goals should be disallowed only if an attacking player, either by positioning or by contact, impairs the goalkeeper’s ability to defend the goal. I'd both cases were fit to be disallowed. The ability to defend was impaired by contact.
  2. I figure this deserves its own thread (outside of a 2020 season thread).
  3. I need to see a team that goes to the net harder than the team that was in St. Cloud last weekend. Do that and they'll be fine.
  4. They think it means they suddenly have enlightenment and clarity. It really means they've been sleep-walking through life (translated: living off of someone else's works) until now.
  5. The wheels came off of Century late. Davies 6 Century ... nada.
  6. UND Hockey, now this: Just another reason why I'm a dinosaur with Midco cable.
  7. We're less than 72 hours from March, and the Moorhead DQ opens in ... MARCH!
  8. Ethan Frisch's brother Grant is on the team. With that I'll say ... GO SPUDS!
  9. When a new president comes in is it not customary for the provost to offer their resignation to allow the incoming to pick their executive staff?
  10. Complain about diving and embellishment and officiating all you will, but I didn't see enough net front presence from North Dakota last weekend. Western Michigan is coming to Grand Forks and UND must be a harder team to play against come February 28.
  11. Central and North going to double overtime. It is on KNOX 1 link above.
  12. The second referee should be up in the press box with replay with him to speed the process up. And connect the press box official wirelessly to the on-ice referee so the press box official can call penalties in real time. I’ve said this for five years already. It’s simple, it would open up some ice, and we have the technology. http://boardsroom.blogspot.com/2015/02/what-nchc-needs-to-change.html
  13. WMU goalie just knocked down again. Three guesses who they are playing.
  14. Good camera work and Yost Arena seem incompatible. I bet I’ve seen the camera next to the main camera three times in five minutes. #BTN
  15. Not for me ... but hey, if that's your thing ... not that there's ...
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