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  1. Vermont Governor Instructs Schools To Interrogate Students About Family Thanksgiving Gatherings How totalitarian of him ...
  2. Where have we gone when a former CBS journalist is writing articles like this: Hard-to-find 2020 election fraud stories and links The one of interest right now: Read: Penn. judge blocks state from finalizing election results until. hearing Friday 11/27 on Republican claims
  3. I don't like to see hundreds signed in the last hour on the job.
  4. Really? Check "Big Cities" here. Trump did better in 2020 than 2016.
  5. Historic perspective on pardons. Stats for many Presidents in there.
  6. What are you hallucinating? I see no slogan on the unconscious one's shirt. And if wearing red is a problem, well, tough for Wisconsin, and suck to BU.
  7. Meanwhile, in Australia ... what the < bleep > ...
  8. Nevada certified, but now this ... Again, this is a play for December 14, and January 6.
  9. The return of the Six Million Dollar Man? Sort of ... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8983935/First-round-lockdowns-cost-6million-death-avoided-study-finds.html
  10. Bad joke from a while back ... A friend in China told me to not get Covid-19; wait for the Covid Pro-20.
  11. Burgum will/would be tied to Bill Gates and Microsoft. That's a non-starter for many.
  12. Poll: One In Six Biden Voters Would Have Changed Their Vote If They Had Known About Scandals Suppressed By Media Raw survey data (the last page is the Executive Summary)
  13. She will be the incumbent is my expection. (Biden taking office at 78 makes Reagan look like a millennial.)
  14. She'll be tied to Covid. But will anyone remember it in 2024. Rubio made a move with his Tweet this morning. And Tom Cotton's "panda huggers" still has me chuckling. The positioning has begun.
  15. When do sitting officials normally resign their present post after winning election to a higher post? CA has a D governor so he'll name Senator Harris' replacement. No issue there. But reports are Senator Harris hasn't resigned yet. Usual? Not?
  16. Those two beloved candidates? Washout. The danger the Ds face is come 2024 just under half their base won't have anything to vote against. Or will they.
  17. https://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/elections/election_2020/only_56_of_biden_voters_say_they_were_voting_for_biden
  18. Senator Tom Cotton refers to Biden's selections as "panda huggers." <-- ... that thar's funny I don't care who ya are ...
  19. Let me translate that for some of you: People are finally asking themselves: Why get tested? It only gets me more mandates and shutdowns. The incentive to get tested just isn't there when you have to wear a mask and the bars close. All the more (less?) when you test positive for this vast pandemic disease that gives you no symptoms.
  20. Or people have finally realized getting tested does them no positive: - doctors don't have treatment until hospitalization other than over the counter meds - getting tested just means a follow-up swab - lockdowns will just continue
  21. Or ... what happens when the trend holds for the two weeks after Thanksgiving.
  22. I see a lot of curves on here that are turning the correct way. https://www.health.nd.gov/diseases-conditions/coronavirus/north-dakota-coronavirus-cases (I hope I didn't just talk about a shutout or no hitter in progress.)
  23. Of which the vast majority are asymptomatic (based on historic data).
  24. Straight over and under bet. Find someone to take the over at $20 or no-bet.
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