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  1. Tychonick is transferring out. Roll the clock forward to the 2021-2022 season: Depending on JBD playing a senior year (I’d bet against), your “old man” on defense for North Dakota may well be ... junior Ethan Frisch. That sounds a lot like Colton Poolman (except Colton had senior Hayden Shaw and junior Andrew Peski when he was a junior).
  2. Leaving religion and belief aside, the Old Testament is quite honestly one of the first public health and civil engineering books. It covers safe food preparation, sanitary services (latrines out of the camps and villages), and safe dealing with human remains.
  3. So you want the National power grid to go down ... ;-)
  4. Airline stock plummet. Car rental stocks soar.
  5. https://imgflip.com/i/3qpn2i Keep crying wolf. When will we know when the wolf is here?
  6. I’m so glad I’m not a real person but just an AI that inhabits college hockey forums. Otherwise I’d probably be dead already from SARS, or MERS, or bird flu, or monkey pox, or swine flu, or Ebola, or Zika, or mad cow, or Lassa, or West Nile, or simple chronic halitosis. Is this real? Yes. Are people dying from it? Yes. Are people being infected? Yes. But do I feel like I’ve heard this tune before? Yes.
  7. That looks like the classic “band aid” curve to me: Do you pull it off slowly with low threshold or fast with peak threshold? Either way the area under the curve is about the same.
  8. Addition by subtraction for Bucky?
  9. Spring sport athletes have not completed 30% of a season (redshirt rule) so the year should not count against them. However, winter sports have, and that year of eligibility should count (no matter how much I’d like to see Cole Smith flying around some more).
  10. There was no NCAA title to win so a team puts up an ‘at the top at the end’ banner: happened in football all the time before playoffs. I'm not saying claim it as ‘number nine’, but to remember what could have been but was never given a chance. The Black Season .... sponsored by ...
  11. I'll be sad if Kawaguchi wins it because he never got a shot at completing the "Hrkac quad": 1987 WCHA Regular Season champ 1987 WCHA Tournament champ 1987 Hobey Baker Award 1987 NCAA National Champ
  12. Started the season with a win in black. Ended the season (prematurely) with a win in black. A black banner for the incomplete "Black Season".
  13. ... or 1999. But those teams had a chance, a shot, and wasted it -- no banner. This team never got that shot. That's why I think a black banner: To mourn what might have been.
  14. What part of "No Politics" did you not see? The Moderation Team
  15. Dow? That’s the Saudis starting an oil price war to screw with the Russians. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.marketwatch.com/amp/story/guid/5F8C86C4-618A-11EA-9BD8-D956BCAECEEF
  16. Notre Dame takes a major and a minor on same play. 5x3 PP.
  17. Goldie gives up a 2-0 rush: 1-0 Our Lady
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