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  1. Union and Yale needing extended time.
  2. Beavers go up 1-0. i wish that was on the tube.
  3. No score in ‘ucci after one. It’s on FS2 for those with extended sports package on Midco.
  4. Mr. Gabinet, Jordan Kawaguchi and Ethan Frisch on lines one and two for you.
  5. If you don’t feel well, stay home, rest, hydrate heavily, take something OTC to manage symptoms. If that ain’t cutting it in 24-36 hours get to a professional. Grandma taught me that decades ago. It still holds today.
  6. And before someone dare say I’m being cavalier about death, I expect to be burying my mother yet this spring because of her overall declining condition and the viruses out there.
  7. If you’re 75 and suffer from COPD, yes, please, self mitigate. If you don’t, don’t be surprised at the outcome (package deal).
  8. It symptoms like flu. It treats like flu. It’s viral like flu. It kills the aged and immunocompromised like flu. Until we have real infection numbers (no test kits) we don’t have real mortality stats. It’s like folks don’t understand being sick once in a while is part of the package deal called the human condition. (Death is part of the deal too.)
  9. No, not a thread about beer and sport. Please keep all the corona-chat (general) and corona-hockey impact discussion here. I'll go and consolidate what's out in threads now. But as always: NO POLITICS.
  10. If they make the tournament and the NCAA goes this route is this advantage Minnesota?
  11. Look into the data. If you are under 60 and in moderately good health this is another flu strain. Or, ask someone in the game for real like this fellow: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2020/02/28/i-have-coronavirus-so-far-it-isnt-that-bad/%3foutputType=amp
  12. I said no politics. (If you didn’t hear the words ‘or else’ you weren’t listening.) Signed, The Management
  13. RPI just announced that the quarter final series between them and Harvard will be without fans in the stands — social distancing. (I’m rolling my eyes.)
  14. Cynic’s view: I’m more worried about being T-boned by a Fargo “blow through the yellow-turns-red light” driver than catching cornoavirus at an NCAA event. I’m more worried about being killed by a Fargo “blow through the yellow-turns-red light” driver than by coronavirus (caught anywhere). Disclaimer: It’s not just in Fargo, but Fargo has been exceptionally bad lately.
  15. As a friendly (yet stern) reminder: No Politics. https://forum.siouxsports.com/guidelines/
  16. 1. Whoever is across the face off dot 2. Anything in maroon and gold 3. Anything in red and black
  17. Looks like four games today: Union and Yale - yawn Holy Cross and Bobby Mo - gotta cheer for the Cross, especially on a Sunday in Lent LSSU and Bemidji - Go Beavs! (except when they play UND) Our Lady of South Bend at the Moldin’ Rodents - Go boards! Go glass! Go pipes! Go ice!
  18. Personally I prefer the Modelovirus or the Pacificovirus.
  19. 5-9-19 was miserable to play against last week. Bring more misery. Putting 26 with 16-18 is smart: they had no net front presence last night. I see 8-10-x getting on the score sheet. I’m not sold on 14 with 11-22. Sure wish 28 was in Omaha so 14 could be with 8-10. And a pox upon whoever injured 15. Same goes for the one who harmed 29.
  20. How about everyone go and read NCAA ice hockey Rule 73: Goals should be disallowed only if an attacking player, either by positioning or by contact, impairs the goalkeeper’s ability to defend the goal. I'd both cases were fit to be disallowed. The ability to defend was impaired by contact.
  21. I figure this deserves its own thread (outside of a 2020 season thread).
  22. I need to see a team that goes to the net harder than the team that was in St. Cloud last weekend. Do that and they'll be fine.
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