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  1. Gaber, Frisch, Jamernik, ... Gaber, Frisch, Jamernik, ... Gaber, Frisch, Jamernik, ... Louis Jam it is. Sing it with me ... Louie Louie, oh no Me need a goal Aye-yi-yi-yi, I said Louie Louie, oh yeah Me need a goal now ...
  2. I googled "kid leash" looking for a picture to use but didn't want to portray Scheel as a child, ... so ... I googled "adult leash". I never, ever want that glimpse into the box on the top shelf of the closet of @JohnboyND7 ever again.
  3. I couldn't figure out how to superimpose "OMAHA" on the front of his jacket.
  4. Both teams had some glorious missed opportunities.
  5. < radio guy voice > Looks like we're ready for the opening faceoff ... Omaha has Abate in net to my left and Jamernik is in net to my right. Scheel centering Thome and Feeney open the game up front for UND ...
  6. To reiterate what someone said, after USD went "hot knife" through the UND defense to start the 4th and make it 21-10, UND needed a long drive to stabilize the game and rest the defense. (Points would've been nice, but given the 11 point spread and time remaining, not required.) This is the drive of the game: UND starts at UND32 with 10:40 left in fourth and drives to USD33, but punts. USD ball at USD20 with 03:59 remaining. An eleven play, 35 yard, six minute forty-one second drive. Masterpiece (save for staying in FG range). No points, but effectively killed the clock.
  7. At this rate the 16 team field will pick itself.
  8. You gettin' a little grease from the endorsement deal?
  9. My dream was scoring before half and then to start the third. I got my dream, but it was delayed by one drive (both scores to start third). But up 18 with 22 minutes to go looked really good.
  10. When Boltman comes back the "trickeration" stuff, like: - Tommy wandering off and reading the wrist card - Quincy's TD play roll out jump pass might end up being Boltman. Better? Another receiving threat in traffic in the middle. (That third down play to the TE was when I knew what the outcome would be.)
  11. What I see is what I'd heard: Tommy has the weaker arm and is a little more accurate; he'll struggle deep. Quincy has the big arm but struggles with accuracy. Tommy missed two potential big hits deep. Quincy's TD pass was a floater "run to" by the receiver (and the ball quacked on the way). All that said, this was game 3 for the combo at the top of the QB charts.
  12. I'm a big fan of Salukis, and Jackrabbits, and Coyotes ... for five more weeks. But the practical of me says all that's guaranteed now is 3-5. Lots and lots of work left to do.
  13. I must admit being the first game of the weekend and having the W in hand already does make for good times.
  14. Here's what's coming: https://www.cupahr.org/issue/feature/higher-ed-enrollment-cliff/
  15. The pandemic has folks rethink education. On-campus isn't really needed other than for labs and other specialty classes. And how did we learn this? The faculty demanded to be safe and isolated. ... Be careful what you wish for.
  16. Wouldn't it be a step down for Rico?
  17. OK, self-tooting of horn to follow, be warned. These NCHC standings are a trainwreck. Let's go to a five-points per game system so it's easier to understand. It's the second half of the article here. In that system today the full standings would be ... Team RW-OTW-SOW-SOL-OTL-RL Points UND 16-2-0-1-0-4 90 SCSU 12-2-0-0-3-6 71 UMD 11-1-1-2-1-7 67 UNO 9-3-1-1-0-9 62 WMU 8-1-1-3-0-11 53 DU 8-0-1-1-2-10 47 CC 2-0-2-2-2-14 22 Mia 5-0-0-2-1-16 30 Miami would jump to seventh because of more credit (points) for regulation wins. WMU would finis
  18. If that's the criteria ... both teams are done and can be compared WMU 24 games, 33 pts: 1.375 ppg DU 22 games, 31 pts: 1.409 ppg DU finishes fifth, WMU sixth. CC with 18 points in 22 games; Miami with 18 points in 24 games: CC seventh, Miami eighth. Basically, everything is now locked but SCSU/UMD for second/third. Here's the question: If SCSU(today 14-9-0-0-2-3)/UMD (today 13-8-2-1-1-1) end up tied with 44 pts (meaning UMD wins in OT), who finishes second? EDIT: To my eyes (on these goofy standings) it looks like UMD has to win in regula
  19. Is this a hockey only competition or is it open to all NCAA athletes competing this spring? If the latter, I humbly offer ...
  20. But you have to run them also to keep the defenses honest. Why start Gee? To make the defense cover everything and to allow the OL to beat on the opposing DL for a few plays and still have a fresh power back.
  21. Um ... UND finished second in the final USCHO poll last spring to an ECB* team (Cornell). Still trying to decipher that one. There's no reason to think a #1 in a poll won't get seeded lower than an ECB team like BC or BU come season's end and tourney time. Or if it's UND UMn 1-2 they'd love to seed the moldin' rodents over the NCHC to acknowledge the great and lofty battles survived in the B1G. Snarky? Cynical? Yup, and yup. But when you're the most binary team (you love 'em or you hate 'em) in college hockey it comes around and happens far too often. *East Coast Bias
  22. No substitutions. You wanna go grinder it's upcharge, bay-bee.
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