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  1. Didn't they hear there was an announcement that afternoon? And What happened to the NCAA policy preventing teams from having organized practices prior to the season beginning?
  2. I'm sure this has already been stated but Idalski's contract had also yet to be renewed. Knowing the school had to cut about $2 million in annual expenses from athletics, the title 9 lawyers, and knowing his contract had yet to be renewed, he and the team had to have a good idea. I suspect their timely practice was intentionally planned to add drama.
  3. Hey Jim, looks like it's not updated yet after last nights games.
  4. Are un-called dirty season ending hits from behind also part of the college game? No no wonder why we have guys leaving early. How about blatant runs on a goalie that can't defend himself? I say F Duluth and F sandelin. Hope they fail miserably tonight.
  5. In the lamoreaux twins world, money must grow on trees. How do I get accepted into this world!? Also where was all of this support when the women's team was losing $2mil plus per year?
  6. Sorry misunderstood ya! I thought you meant he was out recruiting for the USA hockey team!
  7. according to this link he is recruiting for UND and supporting the boycott.
  8. Imagine the outrage when women's hockey is cut at UND. Will Klobuchar and Heitkamp waste more time/efforts/tax dollars on the cause of equal treatment of women in sports? Will women boycott UND as a school? What's next is Schlossman going to boycott the school too? The way I see it the program has to go. If USA hockey caves, UND women's hockey is only going to get more expensive and be more of a burden to the school and the state.
  9. Is this up to date after all of yesterday's games? I picked 3 games correctly but only show 2 points.
  10. Hrinks and gage.
  11. Per mcfeely it will be about the 10th-20th biggest event in Fargo this year. Just look at the tv ratings. Und bball on tbs was bigger than this And so is every ndsu football game lol.
  12. Anyone got nchctv working yet?
  13. KU band satellite. Cbs sports uses it to uplink most of their sporting events still. Fssn used to do the same. Midco still does, they just scramble their prescious feed.
  14. Fta never went away for the cbs games;)
  15. No delay on fta!
  16. Anyone with a fta system and a hd receiver: the cbs feed is up on 105w amc 15. 12041 v 29270
  17. Tonight's hockey game is on cbs sports. Will be watchable by those with those dinosaur fta systems in clear uncompressed HD at 105w:)
  18. Spot on Hammer was in no way an improvement over Sweeney. Alex has put in the work that Sweeney never did and it had paid off for him. He's doing a damn fine job. Hopefully midco can hang on to him.
  19. Surprised roku users are reporting issues. My feed last night via roku was flawless. The roku seems to delay the live feed by a few minutes which in my opinion fixes a lot of the buffering/freeze up issues I have seen pre-roku days on nchctv. The roku is also a much easier format to get to the game you want.
  20. Picking up und hockey with an antenna. How sweet!!!!
  21. Non competes usually are in-enforceable. In ND they are actually illegal if I understand correctly.
  22. Anyone have links to any of the prelim games?
  23. Come on Haven't these guys been through enough already?
  24. Technical difficulties here
  25. Anyone else having problems with espn3? I'm using a roku with good wifi signal and pic quality keeps pixelating on all games. Other roku channels working fine.