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Not sure if this fits here for not but want to know what is the rule on tie breakers to gain home ice advantage. Right now I'm looking SCSCU and Mankato being tied at the end of the year. Thanks for the help.

H2H games are the first tiebreaker and St. Clown was swept by the Landcows this year, thus, Mankato would get the breaker.

EDIT: official tie-breakers

a) If two or more teams are tied, head-to-head competition during the regular (conference) season will be used to break the tie.

b) If two or more teams are still tied after (a), the highest seed will go to the team with the most WCHA (conference) wins during the regular season.

c) If two or more teams played a four-game series during the regular season and the teams have the same win-loss records for those series and the same number of WCHA wins, the team having the least number of goals scored against it in the four-game series shall have the higher rank. If two or more teams played a two-game series during the regular season proceed to tie-breaker d).

d) If two or more teams are still tied after applying the provisions of (a), (b) and ©, the team having the greatest `winning margin' during the regular season will have the higher rank. Winning margin = WCHA goals for during the regular season minus WCHA goals against.

e) Games played against WCHA opponents in holiday tournaments will not be counted in the determinations.

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I'll be there with 9 friends. It will be our 10th year in a row. Staying at the Holiday Inn. Partying everywhere. :blush:

Sounds like we started going the same year I think this is my 10th year in a row as well... I almost didn't go, bought my tickets today.

Ouch they were expensive.

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There will be 6 of us I believe, I forget where we're staying. We'll be in Sec.111 Row 15 in the ugliest hats you've ever seen. I work at a silkscreen/embroidery shop and found a whole load of these things 2 years ago, you may recognize us. I found 22 more and who ever wants one can have one. They are neon tie-dyed green things and we crudely scribble GO SIOUX on them, in hopes we get to chuck them on the ice after a hat trick goal! The anticipation is killing me!

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Too bad its not St. Patty's this year! I don't have a wig or anything like that, but I will be sporting a jersey.

I've been to a couple Mardi Gras in the Big Easy, and while I agree that the F5 is a blast, it isn't quite Mardi Gras :D

Runnin' with, tUMD is my second fav team, sorry to knock you out of the NCAA picture this weekend :D

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God, those are the worst seats in the house... next to Sioux-cia.

Yeah right!! That's why you keep coming over, hanging on me, hugging me, distracting me, anything just so you can be by ME!! I'm not that kind of girl. Now that you're married, I'm hoping you'll leave me alone!!!

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