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  1. Shocked is my only response. What else can you say about something this bad. Although I wanted no logo I was hopeful that the logo would change my mind. This just leaves a sick feeling in my stomach.
  2. Is anyone else getting the gophs sound and sioux video?
  3. We ended up with one extra Final Five Ticket Package located in Section 117, Row 8, Seat 13. These are great seats near center ice in the lower bowl. This is one of our six packages in the lower bowl, we will be using the other tickets ourselves. PREFER GREAT SIOUX FAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Package is available at our cost. Email orwick@polarcomm.com if interested
  4. Just sent you a couple of texts. Looking for two for Friday for a friend of mine.
  5. I have one ticket available for both Friday and Saturday night. The ticket is in the upper bowl and I would like $50 for the tickets ($25 for each night) as long as a Sioux fan.
  6. I ended up with 3 extra single upper bowl seats for Friday night's game vs the Gophers in the first round of the WCHA playoffs. Please e-mail if interested. orwick@polarcomm.com
  7. Does anyone know what the Sioux game worn jerseys went for in yesterdays closing of the auction. I went to check today and they just have a few new ones listed.
  8. Looking for four tickets for Sat St Cloud game. PM or 701-247-3159.
  9. I am looking for four tickets to Sat St. Cloud game. 701-247-3159.
  10. We stay at the Kelly Inn and book our rooms for the next Final Five when we check out Sunday morning. Even though we are booked a year in advance there is no deposit required and can be cancelled at any time. It is in walking distance to the arena, has a small bar and restaurant. Prices are fair. I think this will be our fifth or sixth year staying there.
  11. We have one ticket for both nights available for sure. Should know shortly if we will have two more for each night. Row 6 and 7 behind the goal the sioux shoot at twice. Great seats! PM if interested.
  12. LFSPRO

    SIOUX vs UNH

    ESPN ticks me off as bad as the NCAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. LFSPRO

    SIOUX vs UNH

    Does the LaCrosse game end in a tie if no one scores by the end of ot?
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