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  1. Someone tell me I'm not crazy.... is there not a "live" button on the nchc player? I keep getting to the end of the feed and I have to reload... I can't get a live feed...
  2. !@#$! And now I have to share a hotel room with three gopher fans. There's not enough booze in the world for this.
  3. Can meet at game. Section 108 row r $50 total for the pair or b/o
  4. Driving up from Cities with my 4 year old for his first Sioux game... rest of family couldn't make it so i have two extra. Section 108 Row R $50 for the pair. Will meet at the game since we're on the road.
  5. I ended up buying more tickets than I could use and have to sell a pair. $90 total, same as what I paid. section 106, row h I'm in grand forks today and can meet. private message me.
  6. gordwiser


    Personally, I think they look good. When they're skating around in them hoisting #8, no one is going to give a $@!+ about how wide the stripes are.
  7. Additionally, Kristo isn't a minor, the parents aren't allowed to say anything either, medically anyway.
  8. section C2 for me with a gopher fan... Haha!
  9. Wow. Awesome. Safe travels.
  10. gordwiser


    I don't think this is coincidence. Goerhing was small and had to be positionally sound and could make the highlight save on occasion. Dell isn't as small, but he has been the other two. Three months ago after seeing Dell play in person I felt the best about our goalie situation since Goerhing was tending the net.
  11. I can't believe you think that is conclusive evidence... an angled shot from 200 feet away? What if the puck was slightly elevated? The angle would show white under the puck, but not whether the white was from the puck over the line. Agree to disagree, because after watching the replay 100 times from all the angles I still don't see conclusive evidence. I agree that it probably was, but I'm not convinced it was.
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