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  1. UND always has a tough time in Clown... and the games are battles. I've taken in most of the series there for the last 15 years and the last "easy" win I remember for the Sioux was ten years ago. I think the only sweep by either team during that time was in 2016, which is pretty remarkable. Sioux didn't play poorly... flat out dominated during stretches... a few things to clean up, but given the history of their games at the concrete palace, I wouldn't be too worried with the results this weekend.
  2. Thank you so much for the link, I really appreciate it!
  3. If this was the Old Ralph... UND would be #1... the New Ralph.... meh. Don't get me wrong, I still love going to games, and now taking my kids there, but I would trade 100 games at the new arena to be a part of some of those game atmospheres at the old place.
  4. Someone tell me I'm not crazy.... is there not a "live" button on the nchc player? I keep getting to the end of the feed and I have to reload... I can't get a live feed...
  5. !@#$! And now I have to share a hotel room with three gopher fans. There's not enough booze in the world for this.
  6. Can meet at game. Section 108 row r $50 total for the pair or b/o
  7. Driving up from Cities with my 4 year old for his first Sioux game... rest of family couldn't make it so i have two extra. Section 108 Row R $50 for the pair. Will meet at the game since we're on the road.
  8. I ended up buying more tickets than I could use and have to sell a pair. $90 total, same as what I paid. section 106, row h I'm in grand forks today and can meet. private message me.
  9. gordwiser


    Personally, I think they look good. When they're skating around in them hoisting #8, no one is going to give a $@!+ about how wide the stripes are.
  10. Additionally, Kristo isn't a minor, the parents aren't allowed to say anything either, medically anyway.
  11. section C2 for me with a gopher fan... Haha!
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