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It is a different game today than it has been in the past, so it is somewhat difficult to visualize how some of the great Sioux players of the past would fit into today's game. Having said that, I feel that we need a little help to get more scoring punch. I thought through many of the great offensive players, Troy Murray, Mark Taylor, Doug Smail, Phil Sykes, Tony Hrkac, the Panzers, Jason Blake, etc. My conclusion is that while we might have many great players to choose from, the one logical choice to best fit in with this group is Toews. He could slip right in between you know who and make this team instantly much better. We know the chemistry already exists. Hell, the DOT line could be the three Hobey Baker finalists, who knows! It would free up VV to center the #2 line, etc. From an instant impact perspective, that would be my pick.

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Toews.. Got D.O.T.?

Other than that the first name that rolls of my tongue is Spirko. He was fast, agressive towards the puck 24/7, and a definite playmaker.

I could go back to the Hrkac circus days also but I think the players that have come and gone in the most recent years are equal to the 80's era. If you puts Hrkac into todays type of hockey, do you think he'd compare to the other good players that come and go now? But really thats a whole different subject and I believe you dont even need to go back that far to pick out the good players, unless we are being fair to the old timers :lol:

Also Im a firm believer that when the sioux hit, they win, So Ill bring back Commodore as well.

EDIT: I wonder if Ronnie Lott played hockey?

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Jim Archibald. He wouldn't of given Bucky some wussy slash that Finley did, he'd have snapped the little turd's leg in half and drank marrow.

How true, but the Sioux would be perpetually short-handed. Hell, the refs wouldn't even have to make them up as they go!

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Gotta be either Parise, Toews or Hrkac so I'll go with Hrkac. He dominated COLLEGE hockey like no one else and I assume the question implies we get the college version not the 40 something version.

Some guys are serious about Spirko or Prpich?? We already have guys like that on this team.

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It's Toews and it's not even close.

I think Hrkac was inducted to the Sioux Hall of Fame last year so they showed clips of his on the ice accomplishments. During one scene the camera is on him and he's skating, stickhandling and darting from side-to-side and initially I thought it was just him during pre-game warmups, but the camera pulls back and shows that it's DURING a game and he was just leaving the opponent behind, cutting through them like a hot knife through butter.

When he was going good like that, he looked like he was the ONLY one out there. No one could stop him!!!

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