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  1. i have one ticket for the three game package...i bought for 49 and change....selling for $50 even. 1 ticket to all three games (if need be) it is 306 row m....your nose might bleed!haha pm or call me 7017392776
  2. don't know if this has already been on here...but i thought it was hilarious....
  3. I will take it if it is still available....it's for my boyfriend..and he is a big SIOUX FAN!!!!
  4. Please PM me if you have 1 extra ticket for sale for the games this weekend....Need Friday and Saturday games...I have a ticket for Sunday.. THanks! or call or txt me on my cell 701-739-2776 Thanks!
  5. I have a Sioux Nike Replica White jersey size XXL signed by TJ.... I also have a Nike White Replica Team USA jersey size XXL signed by TJ... shoot me a pm if interested.... *sorry if this doesn't belong here, I wasn't sure where to put it*
  6. I watched him in high school..... I think he should start fresh at another school. Nice kid, just don't think he's Sioux material....of course just my opinion
  7. I haven't seen anything that said that....I was just giving the 2 cents...well, plus some girl told me at Gilly's
  8. finley will return next year.
  9. sometimes when someone has hurt my feelings, dan can help and if it's been a really long day, I go with the flash
  10. fourwindsboy, I was mostly referring to this part of the paragraph.
  11. wow... so true. great paragraph
  12. speak for yourself....that was frickin hilarious!
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