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  1. We shall see...that is a pretty big assumption. A guy who had 0 goals and played in almost all games to careve out a top 6 role. He will be a junior, we shall see.
  2. He was terrible. Griffin Ness looked like a deer is headlights. Maybe both can be better next year...who knows
  3. Missed the poke check that cost the season.
  4. I thought JBD could have poked checked the puck before he shot it but who am I to say. Duluth player used him as a bit of a screen and thats a wrap. Really disappointing but the sun comes up again tomorrow.
  5. How about Frisch...talk about solid! Rarely makes a mistake.
  6. How are you getting shafted? You know CBSSN has exclusive rights to the league semis and finals before the year started.
  7. Sorry late to the game if this has been addressed...but I thought this was supposed to be on CBSSN
  8. Put Kawaguchi back with Adams and .Mismash....Pinto Riese and whoever on the second line.. unfortunately there is not a great option there. Move Senden back to center
  9. Worst team in college hockey...not saying much
  10. Looks like that what he muttered on his lips...but who cares
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