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  1. Worst team in college hockey...not saying much
  2. Looks like that what he muttered on his lips...but who cares
  3. St Cloud has no tournament pedigree same with Mankato....Both have been high seeds upset in the first round. We shall see if this year is any different.
  4. Dogs will be a tough out. I can easily see them winning the national title again. Good in all areas. Who would you rather have win it?
  5. Dogs will be a tough out. I can easily see them winning the national title again. Good in all areas.
  6. So many excuses by Berry it gets so tiresome
  7. sorry but Weatherby is worthless ....he doesnt do a fuckin thing out there
  8. this team is terrible...no scorers
  9. hard to improve in the pairwise vs CC and Omaha
  10. they can sweep the next 4 games vs CC and Omaha but will do little to help in the Pairwise...tonights loss was a killer
  11. very disappointing...win this game and a chance at an at large bid...but no can never get a sweep! So frustrating
  12. Does anyone really care? I sure don't. I don't even consider him a Fighting Hawk. What did he play 20 games at UND?
  13. That loss to Anchorage has to just kill UNDs Pairwise...cripes they are 3-28
  14. Bast got undressed so bad...wow...that would have been the #1 play on NHL tonight
  15. Did Shaw really do the Superman Cam Newton thing after he scored? That is what I saw. How embarrassing.
  16. Is either game on tv? Altitude or FCS?
  17. I would like to see the record in the last 10 games wearing these so called "business suits"....it cant be good
  18. ha exactly...spot on save your money!
  19. To wear the "business suits" against Canisius is in and of itself embarassing...wow
  20. yep and he is an asshole...just Rhett threw punches
  21. Anyone else see Rhetts punches at the end of the game against the Goofer player on the boards? Not cool
  22. Pretty much guarantees he will be a two year player vs 3 year in 2nd round. Especially being drafted by Ottawa if he even shows up at campus
  23. No offense but I would rather be a millionaire than be able to do a few pull ups. Obviously it didn't hurt his draft status. I don't like Middlestadt but just saying, obviously it did not hurt him.
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