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2020-2021 NHL Season


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The story in the NHL right now is Vegas is offering to give you Fleury and a 2nd round pick and Vegas retains half the contract! 

Fleury for two years at $3.5M AAV ... and nobody is taking because they know Vegas is horribly over the cap already.

The league is letting VGK stew in their juices. 


Welcome to Flat Cap hardball. 

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Say it ain’t so, Doc!

Mike “Doc” Emrick, the incomparable Voice of the NHL, Monday morning will retire, as per a shared announcement with NBC Sports.

Emrick, 74, rose from calling college and minor league hockey radio broadcasts to develop an enthralling style that emphasized superior, often mesmerizing play-by-play: Original on-the-fly, bull’s-eye descriptions; a great knowledge of the game; current and past anecdotal info, timed to perfection; strong, warm relationships with his color analysts; and a modest charm that radiated as real. He forced nothing. He just knew how to know.



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I just did a quick spin through CapFriendly looking at goaltending on NHL teams. That said, let's get real ...

Can the Blackhawks finally cut a deal with VGK to get MA Fleury? CHI is about the only team, roster or dollars, that can make that happen. 

And there's no way CHI is going with Delia and PK's little brother as their duo. 

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8 minutes ago, cberkas said:

Please for the love of God, don't do this or add jersey ads.

Pass or Fail: NHL reportedly considering sell ads on players' helmets (nbcsports.com)

Would be a huge fail.  Then it would be all about politics of the advertisers and whether they are politically correct or not. Then they would cancel out the “wrong” advertisers.

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... or should that be just the 2021 season because they won't play any regular season games in calendar 2020. 

Biggest stories going in?

- "Hank" needs open heart surgery. 

- Dach loses 4-5 months at WJC

- TOR and MTL actually get some grind in the lineup
-- TOR adds Simmonds and Thornton
-- MTL adds Anderson, Toffoli, and Perry

- The Cup champ TBL has just short of $17,000,000.00 on LTIR -- including Kucherov! 
-- They took on LTIR contracts/debt from OTT and trade away a F and a D to get cap compliant

- The salary cap
-- Teams still have a mess because it went flat/down
-- Free agents are getting nothing

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