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And the captain is ....

The Sicatoka

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Congrats Matt G, Rory, and Matt J!

I was actually expecting jones to be named captain, but Greene is just as good.

As for Andy, I think he'll actually do a lot better as assistant (or is it alternate?) captain. After two seasons ago's production, the C seemed to weigh him down. I am predicting a resurgence in numbers for Mr. Schneider this season.

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I had the pleasure of working with Matt Greene this summer at the hockey camp, and I can tell you this: Matt Greene is an excellent choice to be captain. He's the kind of player who will look his teammates in the eye and challenge them to meet his commitment and effort for the team's success. There won't be any "dead weight" around with Matt as captain. Good luck Matt, and congratulations!

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The personality of a team is driven by its leaders. Sometimes those leaders wear the C, sometimes they don't. Looks like the team vote went toward physical, hard workers who show up every night.

True, Schneider's offensive numbers did go down, but when didn't he show up to play defense?

I think defensively, Schneider has remained consistant at least the past two years.

I really think that the players are all about sharing the duties. Matt Greene has no offensive expectations. His job is to be a defensive brick wall. With only that dimension to worry about, I think Matt will be a great captain because he won't be juggling defense, offense, powerplay, and penalty kill like Schneider did last season and will do this season.

Greene basically does defense and penalty kill. Workload alone would say that, if he is the leader type, that the "C" will not be much of a burden.

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Greene's offensive game was coming along at the end of last year and I expect him to surprise a few people in that regard this year. In terms of workload, I predict that Greene will see a ton of icetime, especially in the third period.

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Uh, spfreak, the son of the head coach of the LA Kings is on that second team (if your intention was to mention North Dakota players on those lists).


- No WCHA players on their first team?

- They got a defenseman named "Greene" on their first team, but it's not the best defenseman named "Greene" in college hockey.

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