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  1. The Dahl stall just keeps going. Incredible.
  2. Kids' activities getting in the way of Sioux hockey again! Awesome seats in the 5th row - 107 Row E 17-20 $150 for all four. Will deliver to general Grand Forks area. Text 218-779-8696
  3. I love all the warm fuzzy feelings about how Danny is going to change things up and how we're going to compete with NDSU next season. Forgive me if I have personal reservations. As for me and mine - we're pissed that something wasn't done with the offense when a problem was noticed. We're pissed that our program's "defense first" defense gave away their fair share of victories this season too (I'd guess Schmidty has his own peccadillos to worry about this off-season). We're pissed that special teams were... well... "interesting". In general, we're loyal UND football fans that have just gotten tired of losing so dang much. Bubba's job is on the line, and I thought he'd pull out all the stops to open up a program changing national search. Didn't happen. We elevate from within; damn the consequences. So if Freund is the answer then I'll go with the flow. I'll be cheering as loud as anyone and still proudly waving the school colors. With complete honesty, I really hope he does the job he needs to do for us, for himself, and for the program. But with equal honesty, I'm skeptical. I've seen this movie before. (But if this whole thing doesn't work out, the 2022 HC will bring in a new OC and DC anyway. Yes - that's where we are at, IMO)
  4. 4 tickets for each night this weekend - 107 Row E... great seats on the blue line. I'm heading out of town Wednesday AM, so these things are priced to sell quick. $300 for the set of 8 tickets for the weekend. Text me at 2187798696 Thanks, Chris
  5. Two great seats on the home side. Section 204, Row B, Seats 18 & 19. $40 for the pair. Will deliver to the GF area today or Saturday morning. 2187798696 Thanks!
  6. Your comments are fair - I only disagree on the media stuff. I believe the WDAZ interview was not her idea and perhaps she felt obligated to do it. I personally don't know the background on the tv interview so I can't comment further. And I continue to believe - to her credit - she held UND in a good light through all of this, when it may have been personally very difficult to do so. I'm giving the young lady a lot of credit for that - in this day and age you don't see that anymore.
  7. Do you think FF wanted the drama? She had enough of Brew's head games and BS, stayed a season longer than many of us expected, and tried to quietly hit the road. Wayne Nelson heard the rumor, confirmed it through UND, and broke the story in the media. The rest of the interviews and nonsense is just part of the game when a local talent that commits to a local team decides to leave. Yes - 100s of junior players transfer, that is true. And yes - it is within our own little UND world and now it's "a story". If you know anything about UND sports, you know that's how things work around here, like it or not. As far as the previous comment about her love affair with MSU goes, I think that's ridiculous. Did you want her to tell the truth in these interviews? Did you want her to say the UND program pissed her off so bad that she felt she had no other option but to leave? No - she cited her opportunity at MSU as a reason for leaving UND, and as a focal point in her interviews in order to save face for our WBB program (even though everyone knows the truth anyway). If she wanted to thump her chest, she could've talked about the multiple programs that were racing to the phones to invite her to their programs for one year - but she didn't do that either. Give her some credit, folks. This could've gone down waaaay worse than it did.
  8. I've got 2 seats in Section 204 Row A, and 2 right behind those in Row B. Great seats behind the defense bench on the 40 yard line. I can't make it to the game on Saturday afternoon, so hopefully someone is interested. I'll sell all 4 for $50.00 or make an offer. Text 2187798696 Thanks!
  9. I have a pair of tickets for Saturday night versus St. Lawrence.Section 107 Row E. Online prices are all over the place, so I'll ask $80 for the pair which seem to be below their prices for other area seats. In Grand Forks area. Text 2187798696.
  10. Understand your point - I doubt they would ever get rid of reserved spots. I sure like knowing where I'll be on Saturday morning just like you. I just wish everyone with a reserved spot used it, and used it for tailgating.
  11. Well - at least they're talking about it. You need to start with the basics. I've said it ad nauseam - too many vacant spots and "reserved parking spots" that divide an otherwise solid core of tailgating groups. That affects atmosphere, which impacts participation, which relates to attendance. Maybe if you aren't actually tailgating in your reserved spot for at least 50% of the games, you can go to the south end and start to work your way back to the north. May seem a little crass, I know. But over a lot of years, I've seen what tailgating has been and I know what it can be. We just keep getting in the way of our own common sense. Quit looking for the magic tailgating solution, and start with the basics.
  12. Sounds like there are still some unhappy campers on the squad. Hopefully they get their heads right over the holidays.
  13. I've been a booster for going on almost 20 years now, and while I'm fortunate to be able to have season tickets to UND events, the cost is already a pinch. I agree with the previous suggestion that some people will probably retain tickets to some sports, but forego others to make up for cost increases. I firmly believe attendance will be affected. A 25% increase to my current ticket bill? That's not just nickels and dimes; I'm not sure this family's budget can or will take that on. (that's right - when you run out of budget dollars, you cut expenditures. Oddly, I learned that in a class I took at UND.)
  14. Or... if the name of the line conflicts with your network's letters, you just call them "the Big Line".
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