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Fix that HAWK....

Mama Sue

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How about we just start by removing the word "Fighting" from our nickname, that's hostile and could become abusive.

I can live with the logo for a while. UND Hawks!

Image result for fighting hawks logo


The chant "Sioux Suck Sh!T" is alive at the Dome.

"F'hawks" {and variations thereof) is alive on Bison social media.


This picture of our mascot holding a hockey message in front of their fan base that is hostile and abusive is microscopic as compared to the just mentioned.


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2 hours ago, Oxbow6 said:

Whoever put together that sign needs to lose all rights to attend any UND athletic event for the rest of the school year.

The FB game was embarrassing. The sign was pathetic.

If you were a vacuum I'd say SUCK my Hawk!

in case you're a little SLOW like ndsu fans are...I'd repeat...


get a job and good luck with that diversion - I'm sure you'll be fine:-)

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