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UND (10-7) @ MSU (8-9) (3/5 3PM Central)


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1 word... YIKES!

Moving on now, UND takes the short trek to MSU to take on the Cats. Despite the Griz disaster, UND possibly had the best case scenarios happen in the other games.

Cannot overstate how important this game is for UND.  A win plus a Bengal loss gives them the 4 seed.  A loss and depending what Eastern does means a 5 or 6 seed for the team.

UND has never lost in Bozeman.

Other games:

UNC (6-11) @ Montana (14-3): A Griz win and Weber loss gives them the #1 and the title.   UNC cannot improve their position. Looking at a MSU/PSU matchup

Weber (14-3) @ EWU (10-7): Weber win seals the 1 seed.  EWU trying to get in the 5/12 matchup with a win and UND loss

ISU (11-6) @ Idaho (11-6): Biggest game of the night. Idaho has the first round bye no matter what happens.  Either a 3 or 4.  ISU needs a win to ensure a 1st round bye.  However, they can only drop to 5th if they lose and UND wins.

NAU (3-14) @ SAC (5-12): A must win for NAU to avoid the basement.  Sac is looking at a MSU/PSU first round matchup.

SUU (3-14) @ PSU (7-10): A win and NAU loss avoids the basement.  PSU looking to move up to 7th with a win and MSU loss.

The Call:

UND comes out with a purpose and bounces back.  Idaho beats ISU

UND 74-68


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Must be a student production - one of the primary (and simple) rules of sports production is you never change the prospective from one side of the court to the other during the game - it's just too confusing for the viewer. 

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Bernstine has missed multiple bunnies.   Not good.  We should at least put a hand up on open 3's.  Over the years Jones's teams seem to get better through the year(with varying talent levels on each team.  They tease the fans on how good they are going to be.  The other common thread is, they can never close the deal.  They get to the edge but can't get over it.

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