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UND (7-6) vs UNC (5-8)


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UND had a very tough road trip last week, dropping two critical games against EWU and Idaho.  This took UND from 3rd down to a tie for 6th place in the conference with MSU.  Not only a tough road trip, but two players missed chunks of both games in Seales and Avants.  UND looks to right the ship and get back into the top 4 with a rematch with the old NCC rival UNC.

Note:  They did get a little help with ISU dropping a game against NAU on Thursday, but Idaho was able to get a victory over PSU, so they take over the last spot for the 1st round bye

UND couldn't quite get that victory in Greely, but hopes to hold serve at home.  With 3 home games left in the conference race, every win will be critical to get that all important first round bye.  Getting 3 wins would be huge.

Other Games:

Weber (11-2) @ NAU (3-11)

ISU (8-5) @ SUU (2-12)

MSU (7-6) @ MONT (11-2)

Idaho(9-5) @ SAC (3-10)

EWU(10-4) @ PSU(4-9)

The Call:

As the history of this series as shown, these games are very close and I don't see any reason why this one won't follow the same pattern.  A couple of extra days to rest up and prep should be the ticket for UND to get back to winning ways.  I expect Hooker and Geno to bounce back.

UND 72-68

Any updates on the status of Avants and Seales on their availability?  I would think both would be good to go.... right?

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6 minutes ago, hoops44 said:

idaho pretty much a lock for top 4 finish

They still have games against EWU, Weber and ISU.  While all at home, all are very tough games.  A lot of the top 6 have games remaining vs. one another.  UND's remaining schedule is actually very favorable if we can get back on track.  

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3 minutes ago, Siouxphan27 said:

so.....why did Mr. Security Guard feel the need to talk to our "cheerleaders" after the UNC free throws?  

I think Santiago doing the "swim" across the top of the "cheerleaders" broke Fire Code at the Betty.

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1 minute ago, UND1983 said:

Why is und in bounding the ball to Bernstein in a fouling situation?  He is a bad free throw shooter and should be nowhere near the ball.

It's the brilliance of BJ....plus #0 just missed both in the double bonus.

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3 minutes ago, UND1983 said:

OMG...UND just fouled on purpose up 4 with 9 secs left.  What the F.....???????

That wasn't on purpose and was actually a pretty poor call by the official.  The UNC player hooked Hobaugh trying to get the corner on the way to the rim.  

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