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What's wrong with that? The rest of the world is too unpredictable as it is. :p

I am just noticing your love for the two leftist radio hosts and a shot across the bow of Hennen. ;)

Just for the record, really not a fan of any of the three hosts. And thanks to XM Radio, I don't have to listen to them. That being said, none of them are as bad as Ed "I shot my dog" Sgt Schultz. I think that Mike is more likable than Joel. At least he calls everyone out.

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What a mess WDAY-AM is on daytime weekdays. 

I rarely listen to either station, although I sometimes enjoy Jay Thomas.

Since Midwest Media bought KFGO, both Sandy Butweiler and Mike McFeely have left for WDAY.  Reminds me of about 10 years ago when Clear Channel bought KFGO and there was a mass exodus of talent migrating from KFGO to WDAY.

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