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The Will the AHL put an AHL team in Grand Forks Thread


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Could Grand Forks sustain a minor league team? Were not exactly a city void of hockey venues to support.  I'd almost rather have a minor league baseball team. That way I could drink beer, eat hot dogs, and watch baseball outside like God intended. 

1996 Grand Forks Varmints, lasted I think 2 years then the league folded. this is the 20th season for the FM Redhawks, maybe if the city put some money into a team including a new stadium (have to admit Fargo's Newman Outdoor Field is a nice one) it could lure fans back to the diamond.

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I agree with everyone that says it wont happen.


I don't think we have enough of a population to support a 41 game schedule. You'd also have a scheduling nightmare with the Men's and Women's teams.

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Just curious are AHL Franchises owned by individuals or investor groups or just by their NHL teams ? 


True North Sports & Entertainment Ltd. own the Winnipeg Jets and the St. Johns IceCaps. Where the Colorado Avalanche are owned by Stan Kroenke, the Avalanche AHL team Lake Erie Monsters are owned by Cleveland Cavilers owner Dan Gilbert. That might give you an idea on ownership of AHL teams.

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NHL teams want their AHL affiliates near them, so there a short hop of a plane ride for call ups and its better for developing fan support of players. A bunch of teams are moving out to the West Coast to be near the Calif, BC, and Alberta teams.

Winnipeg supposedly wants its AHL team in Thunder Bay. Haven't followed it, but the ICeCaps are moving to Winnipeg and will be renamed the Manitoba Moose, where they will play at least one year. Montreal is moving its AHL team from Hamilton to St Johns.

The Jets have an 8000 seat waiting list for season tickets, so if those people buy Moose season tickets, they might move up on the list.

Thunder Bay doesn't have financing for an arena yet, so the Moose might stay in Winnipeg if they draw well.

Would think Fargo would be well ahead of GF for an AHL team, even with Scheels being 5000 seats. Rapd City or Sioux Falls could host an AHL team too.

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