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The Last Committee 2.0


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  • 4 months later...

Looks like they have a pretty broad cross-section of backgrounds/experience within the student and alumni groups, can't ask for much more than that.


4 current students including 2 student athletes

6 alumni including 2 who are former student athletes

1 professor


I'm glad to see Christofferson and St. Peter on the list. They've both owned/run professional sports teams and should have a clue about the need for identity/brand identification and marketing. 


I'm glad they clarified Dr. McDonald is a 3x UND alumnus, because the rest of his identifier is not a credential worthy of this committee. 


The best combo of brains and brawn currently on campus -- Dayo Idowu (that's right: flagrant engineering bias!) 


The %gobc got their guy (Schweigert). 


No complaints here on the make-up of the committee.  


Here and now, publicly:



Mr. Goehring, 


Your contributions to the hockey program are clear and recognizable, both in the past as a player and today as a coach and mentor to current players; but your contributions to this effort are greater


Much was made of your stature while playing; dare I say you're the tallest man on the University of North Dakota campus today because of your willingness to stand up and take on the last and now this most challenging assignment. 


Thank you Karl.




A fellow alumnus of the University of North Dakota


Bump, and a reminder of happier (hope-ier?) times.

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So what is next?  Are we all waiting on Kelley to tell us what is going on?  Has he issued a public statement yet?  I thought he wanted to move on already......

He and his merry band of loyal minions are plotting how to stuff "Sundogs" down our collective throats - like a bad dose of Robitussin, it'll go down.

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