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There has to be a better name for UND's top line than the Brady Bunch. Even the guy who thought it up doesn't like it. There's no doubt that, Murray's good, but naming the line after a freshman with players like Parise and Bochenski on it doesn't make much sense.

Concordia coach Kevin Figsby referred to it as "that line with 7" and called the trio "an NHL Line." Given the fact that all three players have been drafted by NHL teams, maybe the NHL Line fits, but it is rather arrogant.

We can do better. Here are a couple of ideas to the creative juices flowing:

The BZB Line - That's an acronym for Brandon, Zach and Brady. BZB could be pronounced "busy bee," given the way the three work together, swarm and buzz the net. But maybe that's not intimidating enough.

The Zach Pack - I'd prefer not to name the line after a single player, but it's catchy.

Let's here some more ideas!

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What does this mean or stand for? Maybe I'm just not with it today.

So far I like 7-11, the best. The goal line is good too, but it also seems kind of arrogant.

I was wondering when somebody was going to ask that! :D

The Condcordia coach said something about them being an NHL line. Murray was drafted the Kings, Zach by the Devs, and Bo by the Sens - hence the Kings-Devs-Sens or the KDS line.

Could also have the LANJO line (LA-New Jersey-Ottawa)


The DOK line (Devs-Ottawa-Kings, pronounced like 'doc', the short form of doctor, because the boys have their PhDs in scoring and they're schoolin' the rest of the NCAA :glare: ).


the KODa line (Kings-Ottawa-Devs, with a lower case 'a' added at the end to sound like North DaKODa). A bad half-rhyme I admit, but what the hey.

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You will probably never see a line this talented for a long time. Lets hope we see it again next year!

Just the thought of that makes me giddy with joy :silly:

100 goals, 200 points this year, 150/250 next? I don't think I could handle that much excitement.

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