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  1. I hate New Haven style pizza. Thin and burnt. I will take NY or Chicago pizza any day!
  2. Jeremy's Ale House is a fun place to drink for cheap!
  3. I will read the whole thread later, but did anyone look into a suite?
  4. I would think JFK would be the easiest. You can take a train and not have to deal with any roads.
  5. This is a huge game due to living in CT now. If I could describe the hype out here, it would be...crickets.
  6. I don't think you can say that the people that use the UND Nickname forum on this site are a true reflection of all alumni and possible donors.
  7. I don't think any of those choices are what is best for UND. I think just being North Dakota would be better than forcing an undesired nickname. As a result, UND will lose a lot of alumni donations and that doesn't help UND either. So who is really being helped here?
  8. I hate the three remaining choices. I guess I don't vote?
  9. UNO definitely seems to have the home ice advantage that I remember REA having. I didn't know you could have cow bells, horns, or mini zambonis going on the ice during the game.
  10. It was really fun to be back in Grand Forks for a few hours. I of course had to enjoy Blue Moose before the game. It seems like the concourse is a little more energetic than I remember, but the crowd certainly isn't. I was really surprised with how quiet the students are. Maybe CC just isn't as exciting as before, but that part was disappointing. It is still such a nice arena to be watching a game and the #1 team in college hockey. I did not see enough yoga pants. That feels like false advertising!
  11. I'm very excited that it is less than a week away! Thank you to everyone for the suggestions
  12. I have, but didn't see anything. Your link was also gone by the time I looked yesterday.
  13. Since this is my first game in 10 years, I'm hoping to get some good seats in the lower level. Thanks for any help!
  14. I was able to attend the UCONN UMASS-Lowell game. I can't believe Lowell was ranked 6th in the nation.
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