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  1. I have two tickets for sale to the FF (complete set for all games - 2 semis and final game). Section 301, Row N, Seat(s) 13-14. The tickets were $396 face value. If someone wants them, please send me an email: hcpndk@Yahoo.com Thank you and go Sioux!
  2. SiouXcel@theX AGAIN! We're Ba-ack! ( or "We're Ba-Hak!")
  3. Siouxbufan and I will be there! We're going to the Tigers-Indians game on Saturday afternoon (hopefully Travis Hafner is healthy). Columbus plays the Redwings Wednesday p.m., too, so we might go to see Mike Commodore. We're obviously disappointed that the Sioux won't be there but looking forward to being with great hockey fans and watching some great games.
  4. Leaving for Manchester in less than two hours - going to the Sioux party at JD's Tavern and then on to the game!!!!! Go Sioux!!!!!!!!
  5. Where's the old thread for the MN/Minn-Duluth Final Five play-in game? I think there was a link to Duluth's audio on that thread. AZ Sioux put it on, I think. I can't find it, though.
  6. Didn't Duluth send anyone to do the play-by-play??
  7. Are you kidding me -- Princeton switches the location of the audio feed???
  8. I haven't tried this yet, but it at least has a link to an audio feed. Hopefully, it works! http://www.goprincetontigers.com/ViewArtic...;ATCLID=3700324
  9. What about audio? (I can't believe it can be this hard to find audio but I've been looking for awhile and so far have had no luck.)
  10. I'm also wondering if there is a pre-game party for Sioux fans in Manchester, NH before Saturday's game. It sounds like there may be quite a few of us if 1100 tickets have been sold! Any information would be appreciated... Thanks!
  11. I did a little digging but didn't see anything yet so thought I'd ask here. Does anyone know whether there will be a pre-game gathering for Sioux fans in Manchester on Saturday? Thanks.
  12. Any chance this will work again this year for the games only broadcast on ESPNU??
  13. We'll be in Manchester cheering on the Sioux!! Come on, Boys!! Let's show 'em what you've got!
  14. It looks like it will be webcast live on www.espn360.com - but not sure if you can watch that. http://espn.go.com/broadband/espn360/index
  15. UMass-Lowell beats Northeastern, 3 - 2 in OT.
  16. Yes! Thanks for the heads up. I had lost hope. Looks like the North Dakota game is on live, as well (FCS 263 here in Boston).
  17. Unfortunately, I checked the local schedule for Comcast Cable here in Boston (I have the Sports Pack with all of the Fox College Sports stations), and the semi-final and championship games are not listed. During the Sioux semi-final game on Friday, we're getting the feed to a high school hockey quarter-final game out of Wisconsin! I've sent off an email so will see if I get a response. I have little hope of getting a sports bar to change a channel Friday night even if they have the right feed due to March Madness. Does anyone have information about a webcast of the Final Five games?
  18. Here's a link to the article from the Sunday edition of the Boston Globe: http://www.boston.com/travel/getaways/us/a...aping_the_wind/ There's also a video that you can link to from this page (click on "Reaping the Wind"): http://www.boston.com/travel/ I'm assuming the links may disappear at some point.
  19. Hunter Bishop plays for Ohio State now.
  20. I checked into how much it would cost to ship a Red Pepper 4-pack (4 grinders w/ Colby cheese and taco meat) to Boston last week, and unfortunately the answer was about $76/total ($40 for the overnight shipping).... So, suffice it to say that I'm still craving that grinder - but it will have to wait until I fly home one day.
  21. Here's the link to the article that appeared today on Boston.com and which is being picked up by the Associated Press - Natick High Article Here's a quote about Doug Flutie's connection: Boston.com linked to the full story from the MetroWest Daily News at the very bottom of the page after its article. I tried to post the link here, but couldn't get it to work properly. Anyway, it's worth a look -- I found the online comments after the MetroWest article interesting to read, especially the ones about the Celtics.
  22. Best news since the Sioux beat Wisconsin! We're looking foward to next year, Ryan! Now, talk your teammates into staying with you!!
  23. We're hearing that some BU fans are afraid that BU's Colin Wilson may be lured to the pros after the draft. Nothing concrete, just a lot of wondering.
  24. I'm afraid I think it will be Chorney, as well.
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