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  1. A lot of the AIC roster is NAHL players along with USHL and a few European players and a few transfers. This is a team that if we tend to business we should steamroll, but that is why we play the games on the ice instead of on paper.
  2. I was at that game when UND and the Hrkac Circus threw everything but the kitchen sink at the net but that kid in net for US International was hotter than a pistol and turned almost everything we threw at the net back. I digress.
  3. Upon further study U.S. International dropped their hockey program in 1990.
  4. Just a quick conformation please. In December 86 we lost to US International. Is AIC the same school?
  5. I lost respect for Omaha when they tried to make a Goldberg style entrance against us with a police escort. So lame even for them.
  6. Being The Loveland region has both Mankato and Omaha in it I'm going to refer to Mankato as the Mavericks and Omaha as the Mavettes.
  7. It's gonna be different this time around. Lol
  8. I'm not saying Wisconsin doesn't have talent but they aren't accustomed to playing a dump and chase style which the Beavers will force them to play to negate their speed. We have had the heck frustrated out of us by that trap and we are very well accustomed to it.
  9. Just like Ferris did to St Cloud when they were #1 seed.
  10. Bucky will be forced to dump and chase all game. Not good for Caufield who the Beavers will pound on all game.
  11. Wisconsin will imo not be able to solve the Bemidji State neutral zone trap. We play them usually every year and we have trouble solving it and we know it well. Beavers frustrate Wisconsin and win this one imo.
  12. Ya driving home didn’t see the selection show
  13. BC will have their hands full if they wind up playing St Cloud.
  14. Yes and they seem to never have to travel more than a couple hours. We've been shipped to Worchester more times than any western team I would guess.
  15. #13 is Lake Sup St, #16 St Lawrence, #12 AIC. I am putting Bemidji State in as at large and Putting Providence as my other at large pick getting in solely on eastern bias. Everything else I ditto Brad Schlossman's pics on.
  16. If St Lawrence is #16 seed then UND vs St Lawrence if integrity is observed and you still have no interconference match ups in first round.
  17. It just was something right out of the WWE with the entire crowd booing him in unison.
  18. Yes the Italian hand gestures added a lot too.
  19. Yes George was fun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNumTfae7Z0
  20. He may not want the pressure of a college job again but it sure would be fun to see him behind the opposing bench again. In my mind he is one of a handful of really good coaches from our WCHA days.
  21. Gwoz would be the best choice imo and he is a charecter guy also a very good person in general. Time will tell if CC reaches out to him or vice versa.
  22. Who will be the bubble team that gets in now or will 2 bubble teams get in?
  23. Will be a good gig for whoever they hire and a very good school academically that might help win parents over for recruiting.
  24. Some UND assistant's names most likely come up
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