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  1. Driscoll hasn't gotten much help the last 3 Fridays defensively or offensively. Last 3 Saturdays he's been very good when we feel like playing in front of him.
  2. Yes you need to out score the other team. By out scoring I meant winning games 6-5, 5-4 etc vs shutting down the other team and winning the 2-1 type games by limiting the other teams scoring chances. A team like Michigan plays kind of sloppy defense but doesn’t mind when they can score 5, 6, 7 goals a lot of games and win in a scoring fest which is not what suits our team best.
  3. I never said the Jammer line has elite scorers. I said as the season wears on time and space become less and the elite scorers will show themselves as they will find ways to score.
  4. I say they are the best 200 foot line in College hockey.
  5. There were people who said the same about the heavy line.
  6. I think Senden and Hain both will see the NHL and Jammer has 2 more years to develop
  7. As the season wears on open space becomes harder to come by and that's when you see the elite scorers come to light.
  8. I guess time will tell. I guess the way I look at this is that as the season wears on to tournament time a good shutdown line becomes just as important as a good scoring punch. Look at when the Frattin team lost to Mich. their defense beat our high powered offense. Just depends what side of the puck you look at I guess.
  9. I doubt we win the natty without heavy line up against Pac Rim line. Just my opinion.
  10. What other line is a better comparison. Good chance all 3 members of Jammer line see the NHL.
  11. I disagree. Look back to 2016 do we win a natty without the heavy line. Most rational thinkers would say no way. What is more important, scoring goals or preventing the other team from scoring goals? When it comes to tournament time shutting down a teams top line wins championships more than trying to outscore a team. I won't budge from my opinion.
  12. Berry puts them up against the other teams top line every night and most nights they out score that line and when you play in the NCHC those are some of the most talented lines in the country.
  13. Can you give me a better shut down line that can also create offense on a regular basis. On a 200 foot basis I say they are the best. What line is better?
  14. They are tenacious on the puck like a pack of Junk Yard Dogs chasing down an intruder into the yard. They have shut down or nearly shut down every line Berry has put them up against. They play 200 feet every night. I just can't say enough good things about these three.
  15. Couldn't you see them playing that who let the dogs out sound byte every time they score at the Ralph and the students and crowd going nuts.
  16. Does identity line come with a song. Just kidding. Still like my Junk Yard Dogs name better.
  17. Sorry, I just think the Jammer line is the best line in college hockey and they deserve a name.
  18. Sick the "Junk Yard Dogs" (Jammer Line) on their top line.
  19. The Saturday game plan must be our Mantra from here on out if we are to be successful. We are built for that type of game and it has been proven to be a recipe for success for us.
  20. In a perfect world yes I would agree. Looks great on paper.
  21. If I was a soccer coach I would play the whole game with my goalie pulled since there are almost never any shots on goal and my team would spend the whole game with the extra attacker.
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