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  1. I may be different but I cringe when I see kids that are ready to take the next step to the NHL stay in a program just to try to win a championship for that program i.e. Denver when Monty didn't push his NHLers out of the nest.
  2. The players that are ready should move on to next level. The younger players that need to should stay and develop. We need to have room to bring in our recruits and develop them. We have a good corps of young players for next season. Berry is going to have decide if he brings back any seniors but I doubt they will bring any back. You have to look at what is best for the people sometimes not just the program. Most of the seniors even the role players may have a very good living awaiting them playing in NHL, Sweden, Switzerland etc. Berry will do what is best for the people and the program.
  3. What is the word on JBD and Pinto. I'm guessing they will both sign very soon if they already haven't.
  4. The Ottawa Senators Forum is drooling over both Sanderson and Kleven. Their feeling is Sanderson will be possibly better than Cale Makar and Kleven is going to be a shutdown defenseman with very good O zone skills. I am pretty that next year is the last year we will see these two defenseman in a UND uniform.
  5. This team showed so much heart with their late comeback.
  6. Why can't some people come to grips with the fact that you cannot win a natty every year. We will reload and we will have Gaber, most likely Sanderson and Kleven and a host of others along with some newcomer. It is not the end of the world. Jammer also logged a lot of minutes and comes back as a freshman next season. The sun will rise again tomorrow and UND will still have a good hockey team.
  7. UMASS imo will likely dispatch UMD in semis.
  8. Look at BU and Wisconsin who are loaded this year with high draft picks and are both done just like us. There will be a season again next year and we will reload and return some goood players. For soe players it is time to move on.
  9. Maybe we were not as dominant as was thought.
  10. Nothing to hang our heads about.
  11. One and done is tough to win it all. I think most of us knew this was going to be a tough game as did Duluth.
  12. I think we are seeing more parody in college hockey. It's tough to win 4 in a row in a one and done tourney.
  13. This will be an intriguing game.
  14. They were saying between periods of the St Cloud game that the Beavers played a perfect game against Wisconsin and aren't likely to play that good a game again and that UMASS had another gear that it could go to. They basically gave the Beavers zero chance against UMASS.
  15. Same appears to go for the BIG although the Goof troop is yet to play. Wisconsin had no answer for a team with a strong forecheck.
  16. St Cloud beat what appeared to be a weak BU team today. Makes me wonder if the Hockey East schedule is soft.
  17. Started Beaver thread as I know there are a lot of Beaver fans on here also. If Bemidji plays like they did yesterday they will have a good shot to win against UMASS today at 4 PM.
  18. We have to stay out of the box period.
  19. Last change will definitely be a factor as we can match lines with the Koepke line. Senden being out is an issue as he will not be able to be out against Koepke line.
  20. Serratore still has the full court trap in his back pocket for UMASS. He is a great hockey coach.
  21. Doesn't Schlossman also do a coin flip?
  22. That's what I do also with my NCHC TV.
  23. If we can stay out of the box and skate four lines we should wear them down. I am guessing AIC will shorten their bench early and that plays to our advantage with our depth.
  24. According to the Denver Post, Gwozdecky was fired due to lack of success at the NCAA tournament and an inability to agree to terms on a contract extension.
  25. That science is tough to follow
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