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  1. I would take one Gavin Hain before I'd take ten Bobby Brink's. Hain was really amped up last night. If the puck is in the area he goes after it like a junkyard dog. He just needs to adjust his angle a little and he'll avoid the fives for goalie contact.
  2. I sure hope he stays 1 more year. This guy is in my mind the next Cale Makar. Makar wasn't even at Sanderson's level his freshman year. Ottawa Has some dandy players coming up the pipeline via UND.
  3. I know I think it's part of their game plan. It does rattle a lot of goalies.
  4. Duluth runs our goalie a couple times a game and hardly ever gets called for it.
  5. Hain goes to the hard areas. I like his game tonight but goalies like chrona are gonna dive and embelish to get the penalty. DU Coach should skate Chrona and Brink for being ballerinas not hockey players.
  6. I’m going out on a limb and say we have limited penalties tonight. I was going to say no penalties but then I thought about it for a minute.
  7. We have beat ourselves with too many penalties in almost all of our losses.
  8. In game 2 in Denver they absolutely hated when we came out and played a very physical game against them. That Caponi was a spaz case and was trying to take runs at our players all night. If we play like we did in game 2 in Denver I think we will be ok.
  9. Anyone know if Friday game is on NCHCTV or if CBSSN is carrying it?
  10. Scheel isn't gonna stop playing the puck. I don't see his playing the puck as a negative. He is one of the only goalies in the league who can play the puck. Scheel is our back bone. I don't remember who Scheel was trying to spring up the middle with that pass tonight but a split second difference and he sends him in in the clear. I just cannot look at his puck playing as a negative. Most coaches in this league will tell you sweeps at home and splits on the road is what you hope for to have a shot at Penrose. We are a very above average team and sometimes you're gonna lose games that's just the way it is.
  11. The way I look at government in a situation like this is that it is the government's role to provide our country's health care system with the resources to give them a reasonable chance to be successful in this fight. I.E. to not work against our health care professionals.
  12. I believe he will succeed. He is such a hard worker and has a pretty good skill set. He's become a pretty good skater and is an immovable object in front of the net. He's a heck of a good player to put out against the opposing teams top line as a shut down player. He is just so strong and tenacious.
  13. I liked the idea of declaring UND the national champions based on the pairwise ratings. Let Denver and Duluth have their pitty party and hissy fit. We earned this title fair and square on paper just like how many college football national champions for many years.
  14. Decision to cancel was made for the right reasons and it sucks, but it sucks for everybody. #9 would have been nice, but it is what it is.
  15. Is every team from Minnesota except Bemidji State full of divers. I lost any respect I may have formerly had for the clowns, which wasn't much.
  16. I think the banners are ok. They got lots of them except no nattys. I wonder if they have a banner for most one and dones in the nat'l tourney?
  17. Bemidjie State is my second favorite college hockey team regardless of how you disrespect the members of this form. Sure glad the Beavers don’t share your lack of class.
  18. Scheel is who we need in the net come tourney time. Scheel is imo by far our best goaltender.
  19. Wilkie has 122 shots on goal with the next closest player for CC being Cruikshank with 72. Wilkie is going to try to shoot every puck he sees which might end up with numerous odd man rushes for us if we can get in lanes and block shots.
  20. UND needs to travel with a shrink for when we have these goaltending issues.
  21. Can’t let the Miller line run wild like last night. Don’t agree with starting Thome.
  22. You are right, but on the other hand the Miller line was also +10 when Berry did not have last change. An all around poor effort defensively tonight for UND. I would argue that if this were a home game Berry would have matched Sendin line against them. I feel that this last change issue also gets our top line of Adams, Guch and Mishmash out of their comfort zone. I think what I am getting at is that not having last change really discombobulates this team.
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