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  1. Who will be the bubble team that gets in now or will 2 bubble teams get in?
  2. Will be a good gig for whoever they hire and a very good school academically that might help win parents over for recruiting.
  3. Some UND assistant's names most likely come up
  4. Yes but I believe Dean Blais already broke that glass ceiling
  5. Gwoz had a bit of WWE wrestler flare.
  6. I actually liked Gwoz and I think he was always good at the UND lunches
  7. Dean Blais project to rebuild program?
  8. Yes that sounds about right after I looked at Shattuck schedule. St Thomas Academy is a good comparison.
  9. Are a team like Shattuck-St. Mary's?
  10. Is there a live feed for the WCHA championship game?
  11. Pecknold will have some elaborate explanation about how QU is privileged and deserve special treatment above more worthy teams. Pecknold is a prick.
  12. I think they will put 1 eastern team in Fargo most likely a 4 seed. Imo St Cloud will be in Loveland with the Goofs. May see Michigan in our regional as a 2 seed possibly.
  13. Duncan's office was the right face off dot. Correct me if I am incorrect.
  14. I miss the pairwise as the bleeding heart has no say. Just the facts mam.
  15. Denver is 4 games below .500 why are they even being considered for the tourney. Their body of work cannot only consist of their last few games. If I'm on committee Denver stays home.
  16. I'm not any of the above but it was pretty clear that JBD was very possibly seriously hurt when he physically couldn't get up right away. The refs also saw he blew a tire and went head first into boards. Scary moment and I hope JBD is ok.
  17. We will have to match Denver's desperation. We are really going to have to play our A game because it is tough to finish a team's season. It would be sweet to end Denver's season.
  18. Western was really dominating going into overtime.
  19. Omaha is the Jan Brady of the NCHC. They will never be a top tier team because they have a coach who has a really crappy disposition.
  20. Would this cement a at large bid for Bemidji?
  21. I thought the league was putting the onus on protecting the players be it a hit from behind or I would assume crashing into the boards head first and laying on the ice hurt. I really think the refs should have blown the play dead when JBD didn't get up immediately.
  22. But to throw some of their players under the bus publicly? Berry might say there were too many passengers on the bus tonight or something similar but he doesn't drive the bus over the players put it in reverse and then back over them.
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