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  1. It comes down to QB play, clearly Ketteringham is not the guy for the job. Bubba and staff inability to recruit and develop a QB is embarrassing.
  2. How do you stop your route a yard short of the 1st down?
  3. I don’t understand why most of you are against a mascot? Every MAJOR school out there has one, heck the school to the south has a mascot that is pretty recognizable. When the Bleacher Creature came out did people expect it to be a Cartoon Sioux Indian with a head dress instead?Cause that what have went over well. There is a lot more positives than negatives if we in fact incorporate a “Hawk” mascot. The kids will love it! And once we start playing our natural rivals having a mascot pump up the crowd will go a long ways, cause clearly the cheerleaders or dance team can’t. Hell over the past few years the students athletes from other sports cheering on other teams have been the only energy from the stands.
  4. Technically Harris committed during the 2013 season when Mussman was the coach still.
  5. Absolutely love watching JJ aka The Fargo Freight Train run the ball. I know we have a two have lighting and thunder but we need to mix in JJ earlier in the gameplan.
  6. 3rd down we call a toss play then on 4th we take a deep shot downfield, interesting...
  7. Ndamukong_sioux


    I don't know if anyone has brought this up yet but do any of you think that SIU goes after Bubba? He has ties to the school and is doing a great job here.
  8. Are you people really arguing over FBS wins with NDSU fans?
  9. Ndamukong_sioux

    2016 Season

    Everyone needs to relax. No one's scholarship is going to get cut/reduced until after spring ball, which is months away. The off season just started for gods sake.
  10. Any nickname we choose will be unique to this University, whether it's Fighting Hawks or Roughriders.
  11. I'm so proud of the boys today. We needed this win. We finally got over a big hump with beating Montana State. I'm looking forward to watching us play these guys here on out. I feel a big rivalry starting!! Go Sioux!
  12. Yeah, Bubba recruits so far have been dominating! All these transfers he has brought have been game changers. GTFOH.
  13. What about Dan Hendrickson? He was an absolute animal at linebacker and like Ratelle contributed on special teams a lot. I guarantee you guys there is a few former kick returners we played that still have nightmares of being destroyed by him.
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