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  1. bang

    Beau Baldwin

    I believe we need a major FBS position coach in his late 40’s early 50’s who’s ready to run his own program. Old enough to have seen programs built, low enough on the totem pole to take a job making 200k. A guy like that could turn a program around with savvy recruiting, in game adjustments and just overall coaching moves that make the difference. Not that Bubba has been fired but if he does get fired that’s the type of guy I feel the administration should find.
  2. bang


    And in other news participation ribbons were handed out to everyone and the game ball was given to Kostich for not having the worst unit on the football team for the first time in his career.
  3. bang


    Oh , so maybe a NDSU candidate?
  4. bang

    We got lucky

    Lucky or not, its a good win over a good team. Yet, how many more can be expected with !@#!$ special teams and horrendous second half play. These two issues have been a constant the last few years. I hope we can make some changes this week. I think the potential is there for this team to go further than any other UND team in the FCS.
  5. Lots of prancing on the sidelines no results to this point. He’s young so a corner could be turned but I’m not seeing it.
  6. Never been a fan. He’s too young and his unit has never improved since he was put in charge.
  7. What’s the reason. I never knew.
  8. Not sure Boltman should start at QB but definitely be used more. There must be a good reason he isn’t.
  9. Boltman has a lot of big plays for not getting the ball much. People scream about McKinney not getting the ball much but Boltman might be the most underused player. From what I’ve seen.
  10. bang

    SH Game Day

    Loved seeing a true freshman compete today. Not saying they should give it to him but he’s in the running to earn the spot, I’d say anyway.
  11. bang

    Onto Sam Houston

    No, they know what’s going on. They’ll be ready or at least knowledgeable of some of our new schemes.
  12. I agree on all this. I’ve been curious to on Zim for awhile. Everything I’ve seen from him has been positive.
  13. bang

    2019 Attendance

    What year did graduate from NDSU? Or are you just a fan of the Bison?
  14. Travel would be horrendous. Rapid City to GF would be 10 hour bus ride. Granted I know that trip wouldn’t be made often but I think the thought of it alone would scare people aware from the idea.
  15. Can’t trust anyone named Lenny. Except Lennie Briscoe.
  16. I agree. Especially the western part of the state. 20 years ago the east more often than not swept the west in the first round and now there is at least one title contender out of the west. I don’t know if Central would win the MN AA title this year or not but they would be closest of any Central team to do so.
  17. Are you serious? This is a done deal? It’s going to create a bunch of Eric Lindros cases.
  18. bang

    UND Budget Cuts

    My opinion won’t ever change on this. If you work for the University of North Dakota as a top administrator you should live within driving distance. Like 25 miles at most. If you’re going to work from home some days I’d say that’s more than fine. If your title is chief of staff and your staff is 1000’s of miles away....... Its a joke. If your an IT guy living 1000’s miles away supervising nobody it would make sense.
  19. Looked it up looks pretty cool.
  20. bang

    UMD Coach

    I know people that played for her and some people that were involved with other sports at Duluth during her tenure. She was not a good co worker. She played by her own rules and probably deserved to be fired. With that said her superiors (AD/president) did an awful job of following protocol. They get paid good money to do their jobs and they were terrible at it. That cost the state and university big time. In my opinion she’s better at her job than the administration is at theirs. With all that said what’s wrong with our system when a women’s hockey coach gets fired improper or not gets paid over 4 Million. A program none the less that is heavily subsidized. Our university systems spending are completely out of control.
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