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  1. bang


    UNC getting to the red zone to begin with is a problem.
  2. bang


    Not a good game. Although I doubt we can get a win in the playoffs I’d still like to see them make the playoffs. Not sure if we have a performance like this next week that we get in.
  3. bang


    Is it being streamed anywhere?
  4. bang

    2019 Season

    Ya, Kolpack wouldn’t let him out from under his desk until he put the fourth team in.
  5. bang

    Weber St GDT

    I appreciate the post. It’s nice to see there is some chivalry and class left in this world. We’re a bit more bitter around here. Justified or not.
  6. bang

    Weber St GDT

    Whoa, I agree this team has problems with big moments. Doubtful they would go far if they made the playoffs. Yet, if your a fan of a team and call them losers what does that make you?
  7. bang

    Weber St GDT

    100%. Loved the offensive play calling. Hated the unorganized madness that occurred in critical situations.
  8. bang

    Weber St GDT

    Kett was leaning. Marginal call but might have been the right one.
  9. bang

    Weber St GDT

    “Bubba’s most public yet of his many humiliations” Jackie Chiles -November 9, 2019
  10. bang

    Weber St GDT

    Bubbas I’ll give him that.
  11. bang

    Weber St GDT

    Timeouts would be so nice to have.
  12. bang

    Weber St GDT

    Good play calling poor clock management. I guess you can’t have it all.
  13. bang

    Weber St GDT

    Impressive drive right up to the point we need to execute basic football skills.
  14. bang

    Weber State

    If I lived in GF I would definitely go to a watch party for this game.
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