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  1. Tom must really have faith in you. The responsibile journalist that he is uses a roughneck alcoholic as a source. Sounds logical.
  2. Why would we shoot Millers Twitter account?
  3. Women’s Hockey never had the (paid)attendance that Volleyball or basketball gets. I think the women of those two sports would have something to say about hockey being the marquee women’s sport at UND.
  4. GF Herald posted the article online minutes before your first post about it. Or maybe simultaneously.
  5. You think that this has to do with performance or something else?
  6. Haha, it appears that we all get our news from the same place. I’ve met Bill a couple times years ago. I think he’s a good guy. I’m guessing this is one of those over reactions to one or a few of his players doing something stupid on social media.
  7. Serious? Three years from an undefeated season. You fire a high school coach right before the conference tournament. If he was fired I’m not a fan of this at all.
  8. bang

    2019 Season

    Transferring? Switching to D? What do you mean switch? I don’t think he should switch. With Zim and Kett graduating it would leave just Grover, Boltman and Schuster for 2020. I haven’t ever done this but I’m going to predict that Schuster starts in 2020. I’m not saying anything bad about Boltman. I really think this Schuster is going to be the man for us for four years. Cue the doubters.
  9. bang

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Schuster had 26 TDS and one int this year? Case had 25 TDS and 6 INTS. Also, from thier senior year his stats blow Boltmann’s out of the water. This kid is no slouch.
  10. bang

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Apparently, there was a sale on kickers this recruiting season. Maybe a kicker can make Kostich look good? Maybe we can turn one of them into a NG? QB? At any rate it’s a pretty good class. If the QB works out and we get a surprise or two it could be our best class ever. You just never know.
  11. Speaking of rational. How rational is it to have your handle on a UND fan forum and expect UND fans to see the good coming from anything you say? Seems like a rational expectation. Right?
  12. And if we do, we don’t hold ourselves accountable. Get comfortable under that bus. This just bothers me and I’d be just as pissed if not more if it was UND.
  13. My biggest problem with all of this is the only people being held accountable is the student athletes. Coaches/administrators and mainly this clown Newman are making bank.
  14. A civil suit is probably where people will be held accountable on this one. Also, if NDSU doesn’t publicly come clean (doubtful, but perhaps they aren’t to blame) it may hurt them in recruiting. The public outcry from hanging a very good ND home grown kid will be terrible.
  15. Bingo, I can see repeat offenders getting hit hard but this is just wrong.
  16. Probably doesn’t help but it’s very entertaining for me.
  17. Be prepared to crawl thru a mile of !@#$ to get there. Zihuatanejo awaits my friend.
  18. Andy Dufresne accused Warden Norton of being obtuse and he put Andy in the hole.
  19. I agree and it seems to me ridiculous that a preworkout supplement could ruin a program and people’s career athletes/coaches/administrators alike. Yet that’s where we’re at. People better be on the up and up.
  20. If this was truly a preworkout supplement foul, I’m worried. People have been using these since the 90’s back when creatine hit the market. All coaching/strength staff members better be knowledgeable about what’s given to athletes. More importantly the ADs better know what’s going on in the program. If it turns out that a staff member gave the supplement and Larson made the statement that his staff gives no supplements. He’s not only getting fired but is going to be sued personally. Even if he didn’t know that was going on.
  21. Correct, in my opinion of the talked about candidates he was the best choice. In my limited knowledge.
  22. bang

    2019 UND Recruiting

    I believe PWO’s aren’t really signed it’s just a verbal commitment. The signing day signature is just for show. Its my understanding you’re able to leave without a release if no scholarship is given. I might be wrong about that.
  23. St. Mikes? Haha. What the hell are you talking about?
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