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  1. Are you arguing with somebody or proving someones point?
  2. Is he overrated? Maybe, but I believe he’s done a good job in a very tough conference. His record might not fly at Michigan or Ohio State but he’s not far from the likes of Alvarez and on the same level as Tiller. In my opinion.
  3. Pawlak would be nice. Iowa is in the top five for turning out NFL linemen.
  4. OL is the more important position. I’d love to see a slam dunk on this hire. I think King will do good with the WR’s and maybe the youth in the coaching staff will help with recruiting.
  5. I agree with Shep, but what Irish is saying is true. Yes, let’s get former players like Kuper who has massive experience outside of UND. Kings coaching experience outside of UND doesn’t amount to much. In this case it may have come down to salary. It’s hard to say not knowing. I know on paper there was more qualified candidates but could the staff lure them in with money that was available?
  6. He’s part in control. The coaches take territories and recruit from there. At any rate like I stated he had some bad luck. Slater, Williams, Grady, the guy from Minot that got hurt and the unnamed players who got booted. There might have been more to it I don’t know. Out of all the coaches (minus the OC) he’s not the one I get rid of.
  7. Not that I think it will happen but it would be awesome to get Kuper for the OL. To tell you the truth I’m concerned that we won’t find an improvement at this position. Not even sure Knauf should’ve been fired to begin with. He had some bad luck with big recruits not showing, leaving or being booted off the team. I think the line performed well considering the talent he had and the OC calling the plays.
  8. Why would you consider a team to be your rival that you’ve only played three times in history and have no plans of playing in the future. I live in Bemidji and I’d never bring BSU even into a conversation about rivalries with UND atleast not in football. Your complicated guy Gothmog. I’ll never understand some of your thoughts or why your even on this fan board. I give up.
  9. I haven’t heard much of anything about OL position. That’s the one I’m more interested in. Pretty important hire.
  10. Not much happening on your rivals site. So, you come onto a site for a school you don’t care about? Reminds me of a straight guy going on grindr to pick up chicks. He’s either lying to himself or just doesn’t know yet that he’s gay. Which one are you?
  11. How often do you post on the SDSU fan forum?
  12. Right, UND hockey does the same thing. The high price randomly falls on the gopher game if they find the balls to come to UND and play us that year. Coincidence seems to be contagious.
  13. I do like your optimistic attitude. I hope you’re right.
  14. Here’s somebody that gets it.
  15. If a team can beat NDSU, they can win in the playoffs. Right now they are the benchmark. A season with a NDSU win to go along with some playoff wins is a program changer.
  16. I think he was being sarcastic. He was responding to somebody he thought was a troll. Atleast I hope he was.
  17. Well, Santiago was a three time All American and led all the FCS in all purpose yards his Junior year. I'd say his career worked out above his expectations coming out of high school. Speaking of him coming out of high school NDSU did not offer him so he would've never ended up there and if he had? According to the NDSU (or your) fanbase he would've never seen the field due to the depth NDSU has on offense. So, for you second question UND was the right place for him. Lastly you ask what can we do to turn this around? We're looking for a WR coach. Are you available to stop slinging cowshit? Come out of the outhouse and bring us to the promise land?
  18. bang

    2019 Season

    I think the rail split and the train has run in a direction with no switch available for return.
  19. bang

    2018 Season

    Don’t be offended if the next man stands a couple feet away from you.
  20. Haha, if you’re going back that far you might as well go right to the third quarter of the playoff game. To be exact the infamous reverse.
  21. Not going to disagree with that.
  22. bang

    2019 Season

    Well that would remove us from having to go to the Dome to years in a row. Put some pressure on Chaves to find us a new game (not Mayville). I'm ok with this if it happens soon. I thought I remember the buyout being $300,000 on this not sure. It would be a pretty ballsy move by a Big 12 team to play NDSU next year. Host a team from a lower level, pay them big money and run the risk of getting beat. Your bottom three teams in that league might go into that game underdogs.
  23. Right and "if it etches scratch it"
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